Development of domestic hypersonic — Reality

Development of domestic hypersonic - Reality

Dmitry Rogozin, September 19, 2012 in Tula during a visiting session of the Military-Industrial Commission made a statement that in the very near future we can expect the creation of the Russian holding company that will develop hypersonic technology.

Deputy Prime Minister referred to the enterprise, which will be included in its composition. So, namely, it will be the developers tools such as «NGOs engineering» (which should secede from the Russian Space Agency) and the company «Tactical Missiles». Newly formed holding company, are intended to be located in the Ministry of Trade and Industry. According to Rogozin, similar industrial association formed long enough, the problem was only in certain legal dilemmas that are currently being addressed. In addition, the cooperation will work intensively participate and concern «Almaz-Antey», which is currently being engaged in aerospace systems and missile defense.
According to Deputy Prime Minister, at the time when the idea of ​​creation of the holding only appeared Roscosmos management was against release of «MIC» NPO engineering «, so how this company has been integrated into a branch of rocketry. But later, during the preparation of the reform of the industry, NGOs dropped from the Russian Space Agency. Earlier, the union engaged in the creation of coastal missile systems «Bastion», but in the next it is only specialized in developing remote sensing systems «Condor E». After work on the system will be completed, NGOs will focus only on the military component, but not as part of Roskosmos. Specifically, the merger and not their absorption in the end, on the views of Rogozin, will allow to make the prospects for the development of hypersonic technology.

Support ideas Rogozin and Igor Korotchenko, who is chairman of the Public Council under the Defense Ministry, military professionals, the chief editor of publication «National Defense» and director of the Center for Analysis of World Trade instrument. According to him, the merger into a single holding will give an opportunity to concentrate funding on more promising handbills creation of new types of weapons, including those based on the principles of hypersonic. Holding can be a major center for the development of the country of tactical and strategic weapons. In addition, said Korochenko, both companies that will go into a holding company, owned by a very huge potential that will allow to focus its main efforts on the development of higher-priority programs aimed at the development of promising new weapons, which in turn will create new prospects for the development of the Russian defense complex.

The implication is that headed by Boris Obnosov holding that the currently holds the position of General Director of «Tactical Missiles» — a person who has extensive experience in the defense missile system, competent qualified engineer.

It is worth noting also that Rogozin is not the first time interested in developing and implementing powers of hypersonic technology. So, namely, in May of this year, he made a statement that advances the Yankees, which they can reach up to 2015 will be a real danger to Russia. He stressed that our homeland in this area lags far behind the United States, as research in the field of hypersonic technologies in Russia were resumed only in 2009. In his view, the lag is caused by incorrect decisions first Russian control in the late 80s of the twentieth century, who decided to finish the research. Deputy Prime Minister because he brought the proposal to raise the development of hypersonic weapons to the highest municipal level.

Meanwhile, according to professionals, specifically the Americans at the present time are the favorites in the development of hypersonic technology. Over the last decade in America applets creation hypersonic flying vehicles was spent about 2 billion dollars. And it is not so long ago, tests were conducted WaveRider hypersonic missiles American X-51, which, in general, were unsuccessful. This missile can reach speeds of up to 6900 kilometers per hour, in other words a couple of times the speed of sound. According to the plans of designers, this should be another UAV system intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. Well, they have still have time to correct mistakes and miscalculations.

And eventually hunt remind some merits in the sphere of development of hypersonic technology.

First operating time in this area have been developing Russian designers who started in the 50s of the twentieth century. Hypersonic speed devices has since been 5 times greater than the speed of sound. First experience in hypersonic became «Spiral» — aerospace system, which represented the orbital plane, which started at an altitude of 30 km with a hypersonic aircraft. Researchers to plan, its speed was 6 times greater than the speed of sound (this is about seven thousand kilometers per hour). But then, «Spiral», which was created as a response to the Yankees on the X-20 Dyna Soar, could not fly (in general, as well as the South American version).

More real tests hypersonic technologies conducted at the end of the existence of Russian Union. In late November 1991, the first flight «Cold» — flying laboratory, which was created on the basis of anti-aircraft missile system S-5V28 200, which had already expired. The tests were conducted at the Sary-Shagan. Choice as a base S-200 was first dictated by technical and flight characteristics of the complex, the fact that it began to massively withdraw from service and replace the C-300.

The main component of the laboratory — a hypersonic ramjet rocket-air engine capable to disperse medium speed exceeding the speed of sound in a couple of times at an altitude of 20-35 km. Prior to 1999, performed a number of tests, which have been very successful. With all this managed to reach a speed of about 1,900 kilometers per hour. But then all the subsequent development of hypersonic technologies were curtailed due to the economic crisis of 1998.

That in fact happened in Russia in the period 2000-2010, significantly unclear. But, for the disk imaging, which is publicly available, you can find several main directions of development of hypersonic. This first combat maneuvering blocks for intercontinental ballistic missiles and sea-based. They are still huge size and weight, but are able to maneuver in an atmosphere that does not give them the ability to intercept TMD. In addition to these units, in the development of anti-ship missile and is complex «Zircon» hypersonic missile, which is engaged in «NGOs engineering.» At its base is put supersonic PPH «Yakhont / Onyx», and it also should serve as a basis for hypersonic missile being developed by the efforts of Russia and India.

In addition to these projects, there is also a missile aviabazirovaniya, the title of which is still unclear. Launch of the complex should be a speed greater than the speed of sound 13 times. Its development is also involved in the company «TRV».

So makarom if all these projects will be merged into a single holding company, the result can be even more effective, so how can it be created hypersonic missile ship, air, and can be ground-based. After all, today, According to experts, the main problem for the Russian Federation — is the creation of hypersonic vehicles in America project Prompt Global Strike — high-precision non-nuclear weapons systems, with which you can hit any point on the globe within 1 hour. And if such a system will be created, Our homeland will be able to answer only intercontinental ballistic missiles …

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