Devotes Milinkevich verse ..

Man: "With great pleasure I learned that eventually formed the Movement" For Freedom! "On this occasion, dedicate a favorite motion Milinkevich poem" Freedom is in Belarus ":
To live with dignity, Live for Belarus. Rise against serfdom, forced. Down with the collective farm system, disparagingly contract Animal horror ignorant dictates! We — a free people, we Descendants Lithuanians! And we have a free spirit is not lost! Jarmo servant we still cast off! We’ll be free! We shed no language! We raised our flag Protz! "Pursuit" to inspire us, will call! We will win nasty horror! No enemy will destroy us! Although this is a weary way, But rid homeland, M become firmly on your feet! We currently build happiness! To live with dignity, Live Belarus! Rise against serfdom, forced!
Postscript: We will not live under the terror and coercion We — people are free! Freedom is in Belarus! Thank you for your attention. "
Man: "We, in Belarus, now have their own plugs and Tarapunka. Alexander G. states Belarus Iran will have no one to fear most superpower in the world. "
Lady: "Kalyakin, I would like to make you more respectful to those who ask for your questions. Solid response to rough as you seemed to question the listener does not add to you no honor, no generous education. To work with people, you need to have a maximum shutter speed and try to convince people more worthy in their own right. "
Constant listener: "You have declared that they will expressions concerning the arrival of the Iranian president to our republic. But no speeches were not. What nonsense only. And in fact, I think so. Friend is necessary, of course, and nothing to be ashamed not. And fine, if we will be friends with Iran and other countries in Southeast, Africans. All this is normal when there is benefit our country, our people, our people. And what is their ideological ferment there, that’s their business. But do not get them as bandits as Americans. There are some places the logic that they do not really love America. So do not worry for it.
But the fact, that we are not friends with many European countries. Any economic connection is, but I would like that they were more fraternal, as in the EU, although there is also "flies and cutlets" enough. It’s bad that we are not friends, and would love to. But it is not so he wantsXia go. I’m not going anywhere, I have no money and health. Just hunt to our understanding of Belarus, valued, communicated with her and that was it in a friendly way. Since we have gone through so much together troubles and misfortunes … "
"Good morning. Here I have a worldview. Here comes the sowing or completed, it must be said, in what criteria farmers work in Europe, which allows them to receive and maintain huge harvests of grain and products of many nations. Call the number, how many grains collected in the past year and at the moment going. Even such an interview can be transferred from the Germans, from the Danes, so that our farmers have listened and we, the citizens, and we knew what we lack. Doskorogo goodbye. "
Lady: "Hello," Freedom. "In Those Days I found out. As one of the latest developments of our science — this increase pitkastsi strong spirits. Translated into plain language, it is reaching a state of strong drunk only after a significant amount of vodka. Interested in this creation and trade. Not enough that our science is inconclusive, since it also inhuman. Doskorogo goodbye. "
Ivan Nelukashov: "What about Ahmadinejad’s visit. Looms as read late Yeltsin political axis. However, disgusting superpalitychnaya squiggle Caracas-Tehran-Minsk. Among Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Lukashenko would very harmonically looked, for example, Duvalier or wire with a ring in the nose of exotic Solomon Islands, who are using their own death squads lunch bodies own political opponents. As they say, themselves, and such friends. It has long been understood phrase uttered Lukashenka: "I own people in the civilized world will not lead." With reverence. "

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