Do not donate blood, well, everything

Zinoviev: "A journalist Attorney General:" You know better "indicates how citizens in prosecutors’ offices say. Thank you."
Anastas Semenovich: "Good morning, pochetaemaya" Freedom. "Comrades, the opposition, in other words Kalyakin Lebedko and others, you have decided to participate in the 2008 parliamentary elections. I think nowSchneider opposition victory is needed, and the game in elections. Neuzh something for you, comrade Lebedko, Kalyakin and others do not understand what you besprintsipialny their actions will help simulate the elections.
If you can not force the authorities to democratization in the country, while not openly declared and play up a dictatorship. I think it is time for you to leave the political field. Let your will take place youth. How much can you step on the same rake? Do not change the election law — means assist Lukashenko form a "pocket" parliament that he needs. "
Man: "In This year these poor elderly people and so deprived of all. And the last thing honestly earned benefits. At the same time, other sectors of society to increase pensions — 800-900 thousand. Need these MPs who are sitting there, begin to deny benefits, and not the working class. "
Man: "Good morning," Freedom. "Thank you for my expression of good news given on the air. But now that you mention about the strike time donors. So, it seems as if it is the main source of their salaries — blood donation. Such poor level people need to trade in blood. I would not want to insult them that, but it such a product, which does not need any space. Do not give up, well, everything.
But if this is the last source, it is not so easy, of course, and not to seek to preserve these benefits. And if it is in order to help people, do not give up, and the government itself to raise prices for this blood. And not need to be the same facilities. I would like to hear the commentary. Now I have, for example, was a failure — I did not give her a potato, it began to deteriorate, to grow. And there was a time when people are desperate. And with that blood? Blood it is blood. Thank you. "

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