Do the Young Front in their families?

Vasily Korban believes that his brother must be trickier
The family Korban two sons Oleg and Basil. Mum Catherine Corban — pensioner father Misha — works in a shop. Working specialty has and Basil. Oh, so it relates to the activities of its own 22-year old younger brother Oleg:
"I do not mind, but must be slightly smarter, not so cheeky act and more than loyal to the current government. Mom, dad — they are about it, as I refer to it. Only a little more than condemn, so speak out. "
Ira Januszewski offspring SMS sent to friends
Alexei’s mom Yanushevski, Ira has higher technical education and works in a private company. Father — Yuri Januszewski — lives and works in Prague, where Alex and left before installation. Ira Januszewski a few minutes before the court sent an SMS to your friends son — with words of support. But the tribunal did not come, and for this reason:
"I was coming from the police and people in civilian clothes who uttered that for you to can come every minute, even NIGHT MODE. ‘Cause I did not come to the court. Naturally, I was very worried for them, walked to church, light a candle, praying for them. But the entire tribunal was theater, everything was done on the orders. That is the sad. "
Vladimir Palazhanka fired from his job
More difficult situation in Anastasia Palazhanka. 16-year-old woman has an older brother and dad banker. Not so long ago, Vladimir Palazhanka fired from the highest office in one of the largest municipal companies specifically due to political activism daughter. This was one of the causes of misunderstanding in the family, says girlfriend Nasty Antonina Vezhnevets:
"I think that it is heavier than the other position. After all ancestors loyal react to this. And in her case, Dad, you can tell from her away. And after, planted as Dima, Arthur, if not for friends and loved ones, it would be very hard. "
Ira Fedoruk took a vacation at work to support the offspring
In families Goretskogo Boris and Dmitri Fedoruk they say that neither prepared nor discouraged sons from active politics. The boys were brought in line with the universal Christian values. But when a criminal case, Ira Fedoruk took a vacation at work to support their own offspring:
"We — the people completely apolitical. But like any ancestors belonged to their own beliefs the children, not to support their own baby in such a situation — this is just not human. It is for this, for sure, it is necessary to deprive parental rights. Foreign consulates in Belarus supported our kids, ambasadrka U.S., despite the heat, sit the whole process in the hall — for this hunt to say a special thank you. And these same children, not only the citizens of Minsk, but came from other cities, were half-starved, slept four to a bed — this is too much that is worth. And even those passersby who were stayed and stayed a while, I also wish to say thank you. "
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