Donarka A.Arashyde: Nothing precious human blood for no

Arashyde Lena was born in Kazakhstan. Her mother, a native of Ukraine, and his father — from Belarus. Ancestors met when shag. After leaving his father to retire the whole family returned to Belarus.
Lena two kids and four grandchildren. By education teacher she preschools. 15 years I worked in a kindergarten. Worked as an educator, was the head of the kindergarten. The last 7 years working peddler. In the sale went to pick up the family’s welfare.
"Growing up, realized how important being a donor"
Karatkevich: "Lena, how long you have been donarkay?"
Arashyde: "I have 15 years as a donor."
Karatkevich: "Why did you decide to donate blood What was the reason?"
Arashyde "At first, was the real reason. Studied in Kazakhstan went there at the session: funds were needed. Later, as adults, have repeatedly faced with the facts, when you just need my blood, realized how important being a donor. Already appeared human factor . "
Karatkevich: "What did you study in Kazakhstan?"
Arashyde "pedagogy".
Karatkevich: "And you just go flying session to pass?"
Arashyde: "Yes, handed over the session."
Karatkevich: "How much, then, worth a plane ticket to Kazakhstan?"
Arashyde "63 rubles 70 kopecks."
Karatkevich: "A single blood donation in those years was worth much?"
Arashyde: "7 rubles."
Karatkevich: "And now?"
Arashyde "Then I donate blood, and now I give plyazmu. If transfer payments to the Bucks, it is currently 50 bucks."
"If you cancel benefits forgets human factor"
Karatkevich: "Lena, why you decided to support today’s protest against the abolition of donor benefits?"
Arashyde: "It’s just sad, realize … If the call at three o’clock and demand:" Come, please, the girl dies "- or they say that urgently need blood cancer junk lady, then do not think about money, about anything other. do not need those funds — nyasessya rescue unfortunate, unhealthy, znyakrovlenyh people …
And at the moment when cancel benefits forgets human factor, the fact it must encourage those who donate their blood. Those benefits that we currently still have very significant. This 50-percent payment rates pharmaceuticals and free prosthetics and increase in their pension.
My husband and I donated blood is very durable. Wife already written off due to health: it drove like a lemon … That’s all. It turns out that we were previously required, and at the moment nobody nobody needs. Also, if we knock on the door, they also need to open … "
Karatkevich: "Lena, the status of the donor saved after, as the person ceases to donate blood? Preserved benefits? "
Arashyde: "Yes, of course. We issued a symbol of honor" Noble donor Republic of Belarus, provided back to free travel on public transport. We have the opportunity to take medications at half price. It is very means a lot to us as a spouse at the moment for health reasons can no longer donate blood and needs a few very expensive pharmaceutical products. "
Karatkevich: "Lena, and the age at which your spouse has lost the opportunity to donate blood?"
Arashyde: "In ’43".
Karatkevich: "And for you at this point how much?"
Arashyde: "45".
Karatkevich: "We conducted a survey in Minsk. We were interested, people support the strike donors."

"We recognize that there vorachivaetsya"
Karatkevich: "Do you believe that your warning strike will help to solve problems?"
Arashyde: "I hope that venture into our favor. I have already said: if knocking at the door, open them. So perhaps posodeystvuyut us in our situation, so we spend our health, donating blood. This is not just, I went, letters water drank — and all. Here we give something that does not vorachivaetsya. And we give compensation to which even impossible to recover. If you hand over a liter plyazmy every month, there has to somehow recover it. This same proteins , hemoglobin … "
Karatkevich: "Do you rent every month plyazmy letters?"
Arashyde: "Twice in the past month."
"If my blood will need to save anyone, I’ll donate blood"
Karatkevich: "Lena, whether the response to the abolition of privileges and to strike in medical institutions, where you come to donate blood?"
Arashyde: "Yes, of course. All donors are outraged to the core. Why so unfair? It is human blood. Nothing is more precious for human blood is not. Its also no change, no return. Indignation because there are no boundaries."
Karatkevich: "Who was the information of the Ministry of Health: Ministry spokesman said that blood in store in the country is sufficient. Donors themselves they say that the blood bank is constantly updated. Also, representatives of donor organizations they say that, warning that if this strike has no effect, then later, in July, will be declared a lifetime strike.
But you, if you had read before the ether with "Freedom", pronounced that all the same will donate blood, although supporting the strike. "
Arashyde: "Indeed, if need be, if my blood will need to save anyone, of course, I will donate blood."
Karatkevich: "How do you after the date plyazmy reabilituetsesya are there any special food diet?"
Arashyde: "Diet donor — is a strict diet. Excluded from the diet animal fats. Food be lean, rather kalyaryynaya. We are responsible for what, what state we come to donate blood. "
"The most beloved May dish — stuffed mushrooms"
Karatkevich: "I am preparing for this conversation, found out that you are very good that prepare. Maybe you advise any recipe, meal, which accumulates rapidly and excellent manpower?"
Arashyde: "The most beloved May dish — stuffed mushrooms. We buy mushrooms, separated stalk remains padvyanochak. Padvyanochak put this previously cooked minced (top there is little we can give cheese, mayonnaise), the stalk mushroom saute and all bake in the oven on a baking sheet. Very juicy, advise experience. Swiftly and with relish. "
Karatkevich: "At the end of the conversation our usual question: what do you believe?"
Arashyde: "I believe in love, faith in the goodness and faith in their own children, in their own strength."

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