Dunilovichi: Was creamery, every day two kg of oil deported to Warsaw


Once Dunilovichi were county and district center, great for deliver. Town with dozens of shops and companies.
But about the former grandeur reminiscent of not only a large stone church and a Jewish cemetery. Dunilovichi old live in the memoirs of old mestechkovtsev and gaspadarlivastsi new managers.
On Postavschine recently published a small emergency. Local regional newspaper inadvertently printed poems of the poet and satirist Lucian Schastny Dunilavichav out. Glory rebel poet went all over the area, and his greyish hair lines added to the district authorities.
Lucian prosperous hard to give its sixty-five years. And behavior, and it looks like the eyes of a teenage gareznika.
Good Luck "written" No horse nor sheep, "and just printed in "Postav region." There’s also almost put all the editors. I wrote that …
May dawn and the birds singing, quiet breeze blows. Who die did not, something carefully sow.
Neither horse nor sheep, nor a penny funds. Even boards coffin not look sturdy.
And on what Dagny breeze yells. Uncrowded quiet village survives.
It’s like a disease. I almost wrote in the cradle. I have a little education. Three classes of parochial school. Precipitated me like animal in the swamp. There also do not print. Here I sit in the heating. "
Blessed is the least read about love Lukashenko. And not because of fear.
Good Luck "dead lion nobody will not peel. Means lively and unsafe."
Reporter: "And the more we talk about it …"
Good Luck: "That he gets stronger."
Reporter: "How your opinion, the opposition has a chance in the next 10 years?"
Happy: "This is at the moment — something is not right. Necessary to go to people in the village, people need something to build. And somehow it all apart, the opposition. But strength among the people. Necessary and out. And people … You think this one is very happy with the device? Of course not. "
*** Hard to believe that once were Dunilovichi district center, city, great for deliver. Town with dozens of Jewish shops, cafes and businesses.
Who remembers the importance of long unless large stone church of the Holy Trinity, built in the late XVIII century.
‘s Oldest inhabitant Dunilavichav Henry Mazhejka of ninety highest wiry old man remembers that there is always vershaslkladalniki were performed.
Mazhejka: "Here lived such Ludwig. He was such a violinist and vershaplet. On the way these verses invented. Tantsueue you at the moment as you invent something. But such fun!"
Reporter: "Do you remember how Russian came here?"
Mazhejka: "Why did not I remember? 30 I received a certificate seventh. I studied at Vilnius year sausage master. I’ma good master. Not that at the moment — abominations. Sausage can be eaten. No smell, no flavor. Some x … wet. "
Reporter: "And before?"
Mazhejka: "Earlier gramulku starch try to put in a sausage shop closed. Now put that? Put some syrup for the best bunch. Soy flour. Now take bread. There’s a warehouse full of words. Earlier hostess bake bread — is a week, and he — as it is now. Now only the interest and interest. Napichkayuts. "
Like all true masters, the old pre-war life Mazhejka remembers fondly the Poles.
Mazhejka: "In our development of land in Belarus were excellent hosts. Walked on the farm. Dunilovichi were also broken on the farm. Receive documents, you can live and work. War, 30 ninth year. And so people have three or four cattle on the farm. Here was creamery, every single day two kg of oil expelled Warsaw. People climbed a decent level. But what can you do. War. "
But the tradition of caring management live on this earth. 20-Soviet interwar years felt.
If you will be traveling to Vilnius Dunilovichi side, it does not pass an ostrich farm — farm named after Suvorov. The combination of wild, but looks real African farm ranch.
In the paddock of a football field running as 10-s healthy birds. Fences around as if in a zoo, tourists jostle with the children. Here there is a restaurant where you can relish and very cheap to eat.
Style farm owner (or rather, the chairman of the public company) Oleg Volod’ko very suitable facilities.
That the collective farm chairman and Hero of Socialist Labor? Was sitting in front of me a real social lion in a black suit and a gray-haired shevelyuray. Such in Russian cinema adored show pazhygatselyav war and showbiz bigwigs. Owner cabinet wide gestured to the table and pulled a bulky ashtray.
Reporter: "Just some dissonance looks on your farm background throughout our rassavetskay Belarus."
Volod’ko: "You understand that you voice of stupidity, I do not even doubt it. Stupidity you have said. Here no difficulty not. Only desire."
Reporter: "If a person has a desire to …"
Volod’ko: "He’s able to do. If you wish, there is a solution. Only need very much to be."
Reporter: "In the desire needed to the same laws."
Volod’ko: "I do not interfere with the current laws to keep the order that is needed."
Reporter: "And then there were ostriches … This what was-that magic wand? "
Volod’ko: "Under this there is economic justification. You realize how many people we killed by cardiac disease? Now Europe buys in South Africa about 50 thousand tons of ostrich meat. Since it takes a number of cholesterol in the lowest place."
Reporter: "This may allow for the non-poor people themselves. Right? "
Volod’ko: "Everything is possible for themselves let alone to work, work, work. And then we got used to the fact that someone’s got to us. We do not owe anybody. I consider myself indebted to the 3-categories people. before unhealthy person. azakats disabled person I have to help. and an old man I am supposed to support. More I owed nothing to anybody. "
Reporter: "Quite often visited by tourists here?"
Volod’ko: "Often navedvayutsa. All this situation based on the fact that people must be kinder. Man sudakranayuchysya with nature becomes better. Since grown for two generations of people who beheld a pig in a frying pan. "
But as long as there are people who live no one will live by bread alone, and Belarus. Word poet Lucian safely.
Reporter: "And Postav local newspaper? Were reviewed what?"
Good Luck: "The voice — that he’s dead. Hauled in a day or three cover., Shaving filmed for what my poems published. And there nothing wrong:
Labor raced years. Patrudilis — hvatsit. Lukashenko coffin us defective Platz. Lukashenko vvtoroy will not, who is the new budzet. Without devils witch does not happen nikagda swamp. "
Reporter: "Are not you afraid?"
Good Luck: "You know, a little afraid. Zagudit machine, then I’m going. Rusk was sushyvshy. But pranyaslo. Lukashenko same for me — the best friend. I get hundreds of thousands of pensions.’m Not doing anything. Can sing songs, nobody touches me. But as I see it This timeway, the destruction of heresy …
So I write. I can not remain silent. After all, if you are silent, he and I — will die. The country will not. Heresy ruined. Russian Alliance ruined heresy, kill and Belarus. We’re not moving. You drive, look what the village.
If inspiration ninth shaft exalt thee over the world, you remember that in the village houses are almost all empty.
And the city — it is a public house, rastlenne body and soul. Poet, though perhaps not out of habit, write poems about the village. "
Reporter: "And this stagnation we forever?"
Good Luck: "No. Long was whether Brezhnev stagnation? Nothing stands still. Though what Life — a movement. Either backwards, into the abyss. Either forward. Well, do not worry. Light at the end of the tunnel there. And no matter how the night went , dawn will come soon. "

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