EBRD price increases for oil and gas will slow down the Belarusian economy

Overview states that the 1990 years were not easy for the population of the former communist countries. The collapse of the state-planned economy and the transition to a market economy forced people to adapt to new realities.
Creators survey asked 29 thousand people in 29 countries of the region became whether their life better? The result — only 30 percent of respondents believe that their life after 1989 became better. Two-thirds of people believe that corruption has become more or remained at the same level as the Communist couple.
The review notes that in this time split occurred in societies with economies in transition — between older and young people, villagers and urban residents. But 54 percent of respondents said that they believe in their own best life children.
These are fixed on a background understanding of the undisputed economic growth in most EastEuropean states.
As for Belarus, the review notes that acts Euro Bank for Reconstruction and Development were limited to slow movements towards democracy and the market. And to encourage the country’s transition to democracy, a pluralistic society and market economy, the Bank contributes capital only in the personal sector.
Noting a certain increase in the Belarusian economy 2006, creators to give review 2007 usmotritelnye forecasts due to an increase in prices of imported oil and gas. Experts expect that the lack of shopping and have a negative impact on inflation processes.
Sale shred in "Beltransgaz", as well as other assets owned by the state, only partially compensates for the alleged lack of in 2007. Therefore, to maintain macroeconomic stability and the financial sector in the near term, certainly require external loans.
According to the views of the creators of the review, under any scenario, the growth of which was previously hardly remains. Exit — to massive restructuring of companies and more than wide use energy-saving technologies.

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