Ecology eyes Minskers: garbage trucks, Chernobyl

Woman: "Surely, this global warming. Climate change — it Anyway bad. "
Man: "I was most worried about pollution. Especially in hot weather effect is enhanced emissions, apart from the transport of companies. Also — the pollution of rivers and lakes."
Lady: "What wildlife destroying nature. And then try to keep them as individuals. "
Reporter: "Tell me, please, what difficulties Environmental Protection trevozhut you the most?"
Man: "I support a This is the meaninge anti-globalization call for a reduction in emissions. See how climate change: Europe and America is not in vain floods because very great content of harmful substances. Disrupted climate, climate balance is disturbed. "
Woman: "I have heard that is not Chernobyl very good closed and that the risk of radiation contamination — it is very burning. "
Young Man: "Transport. Transport 90 percent pollutes the atmosphere, unlike other types of pollution. It gives very pollution. Transportation more in the town becomes every year. This is alarming. People use machines instead to lead a healthy lifestyle. "
Lady: "I do not particularly alarming. Environmentally soilless let fuel produced. To do this, we grow canola. I think in the future, all this can be. "
Reporter: "What prepyadstviya environment trevozhut you the most?"
Guy: "I am most concerned that when go to nature to relax with friends often very many various debris. People are not for clean and it is very unpleasant. "
Lady: "Naturally Household waste pollution. This 70 percent of the main pollution. Emissions companies mean a lot, but a lot more household garbage"
Man: "The exhaust gases from cars. Could not breathe. I do not myself from Minsk, but having stayed here some time, I felt that this heaven and earth — the air in a city or village and here. And yet — so much less trash to throw out. "
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