End quote: 02.06.2007-08.06.2007

"I read word for word." Dear Igor, thanks for the kind words and support. For a week I have been suffering from heart pain clinic at Kalwaria. No progress. Health spoiled all. I suspect that heart attacks will not be completed "
Igor Shynkaryk, vice chairman of the Joint civilian party — on a letter to him a political prisoner Andrei Klimov
"They pulled it out of my hands, took his face and thrown into a car"
Christina Shatsikava, social activist — on detention it together with his son about the structure of the court, where he was Tribunal over Valery Shchukin
"Lukashenko made a magnanimous gesture — and how it has responded to the opposition? Although would write a letter of thanks or picketed, as they usually do, which would have declared support for the president’s policies.’s Not every day that happens. Overall, the government has shown that it is strong and not afraid of different Statkevich Sevyarinets "
Svetlana Vstsinovich from Minsk — in a letter to the "Freedom" for the release of political prisoners
"In the process of privatization, which in Belarus at the moment is due to start, the Russian capital, Russian oligarchs have Belarus advantage. And I think that Lukashenko wants to balance the effects of RF exposure to the European Union "
Alexander Rahr, a German political scientist — in the transmission of the "Prague accent"
"On my eyes, West ran into standby mode that will be after Lukashenko. I think, it is in a strategic sense and the West cares most interested "
Vadim Dubnov, a Russian independent journalist — in the transmission of the "Prague accent"
"Open a discussion issues of democratization and the role of This process dissidents. I do not consider myself a dissident and, thank God, we have a fairly strong democratic forces "
Alexander Milinkevich, one of the favorites of the Belarusian opposition — a conference in Prague on "Democracy and Security", in which he participated
"Russian dissident Andrei Amalric compared a tyrannical government with a fighter who constantly directs his own gun at the enemy. But in the end his hands get tired and convict flees. Role of the free world — to put pressure on the hands of despots and strengthen the prisoners who are trying to bring an end to despotism. ‘Cause I meet personally with dissidents and democratic activists worst dictatorships of the world series — Belarus, Burma, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan and Zimbabwe "
George Bush, the U.S. president — from a speech at the conference "Democracy and Security" in Prague
"I think we exaggerate the role of civilian society. Civilian society is evidence of the existence of democracy and the extent of its development, but does not create democracy itself. Belarus now more non-governmental organizations, than, for example, in Georgia. And if they were the reason for the emergence of democracy, Alexander Milinkevich would be president of a free Belarus "
Bruce Jackson, Managing the Project on Transitional Democracies — from a speech at the conference "Democracy and Security" in Prague
"They have their difficulties similar to ours. How insulting joke many Russians, "our train is approaching the station Minsk." Indeed, share naughty experience is useful, but at the same time we realize that we are fighting with different modes. But I believe that the fall of the Putin regime will help them, as well as the fall of the Lukashenko regime will help us "
Garry Kasparov, the control of the movement "Other Russia" — after talks in Prague with Milinkevich

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