End quote: 16.06.2007-22.06.2007

"Always under the batons, fists at riot police, to all stocks comes only young."
Dmitriy Fedoruk, an activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" — an action in solidarity day on June 16
"Segodnyaschy elite that wishes to change Lukashenko will use the opposition — this marginal street opposition as a battering ram for the change of power. And on the second step, it is clear that neither Milinkevich nor Lebedko, still less Vyachorka — none of them will not receive this power. It will again be in the hands of traditional Belarusian clan who ruled the country for all these years. "
Pavel Sheremet, Russian journalist — in the transmission of the "Prague accent"
"The fact that I’ve already experienced it once. Sovereign Brezhnev If we read that" the economy must be economical. "We all took it. I think that no guidelines are not posodeystvuyut. Saves owner will. If this is his personal, it will look, that stood in the production cost machine that water was not flowing. If for which he will pay out of pocket and not from the municipal. "
Inhabitant — in response to a question on the implementation of Directive Liberty Alexander Lukashenko "About saving and ashchadnastsi."
"It is one hundred percent on training and educational process. Rotterdam There, there … There is a chapter Plato country Lukashenko."
Mieczyslaw Chesnovski, rector of the Brest Institute — a sign of the expression Lukashenka: "Everything that we have made what we have gained today — all thanks to the talent, courage and stubborn labor of our people" on the ground floor of the building of the Institute
"I never asked as rapporteur change regime in Belarus. I just people in the UN that they should forget about human rights in Belarus, while there remains in power the current regime."
Adrian Severin, the last speaker of the UN Council on Human Rights in Belarus, whose mandate was abolished
"As Belarusians lacks sea I already suggest to bring the sea to Belarus through Lithuania there. Well, maybe somehow expand Minsk Sea … There was a Russian excursion into place. Where Jesus walked on the water, there were people from All 15 former Russian republics, and therefore all Russian. I look, and in the back of the bus three or four people already are sitting in some batches, in a swimsuit. prysluhovatstsa I started — the familiar "g", "h." In short, the Belarusians have undressed 20 km from the lake, on the bus, the sea is not enough. "
Paul Kostyukevich translator living in Israel — in the program "Freedom Night"
"Our intention is to make a small pressure and encourage Belarus to guarantee workers freedom of association in this country, they are required to keep in accordance with the obligations of Belarus before the International Labour Organization."
Stephen Adams, a spokesman for the EU Commissioner for Trade Peter Mandelson — about to exclude Belarus from the Generalized System of Preferences
"I will die for the sake of the square root."
Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the Polish Prime Minister — the proposal to establish the Polish EU decision-making function, in accordance with which the number of votes will be the country that meets the square root of its total population
"How can we, the Europeans, to convince the rest of the world in our seriousness when talking about climate configurations when passionate neuvvyazkami globalization, from fighting terrorism to international assistance to developing countries, if we are unable to agree on their own universities?"
Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission — the other day EU summit in a day or agenda which — contract agreement Constitutional Union
"What is happening the last three or four years, it is difficult to realize. Numbers on the recovery, which the government appeals reflect practically kids stay on their school grounds. Unless other words healthy? With all this really almost destroyed public charity. For current officials as not the government, then — no! "
Gennady Pear, chairman of the charity fund "Children of Chernobyl" — in the program "Guest on Freedom"

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