Erotic products reclassified complete lack

Also nedavneshnego option Zhodino where local authorities considered inappropriate erotic night broadcast programs in the past year the cable channel on which the NIGHT MODE demonstrated erotica, was disabled in Bobruisk. In This year in late April Belarusian viewers were deprived of the ability to look the night air TV channel one thousandth Republican expert committee considered: NIGHT MODE on TV in 1000 is showing "programs with elements of erotic porn." Until now, 1000 was broadcast TV in cable networks Belarus without any bills for 3 years.
On what criteria can be distributed in Belarus erotic products? Products erotic content in Belarus with the provisional rules adopted 10 years ago, in June 1997, and Council of Ministers Decree "On additional measures to prevent porn propaganda, the cult of violence and ruthlessness." So, it is forbidden to sell printed products that are not registered in accordance with the Law "On Press" and video tapes of erotic movies and video without klyasyfikatsyynyh identity Gosregister movie and movies.
Erotic magazines allowed to sell exclusively in opaque bags. Movies are divided by age restrictions, and on TV they can only show from 23.00 to 4.00 in the morning.
What is not erotic — all porn?
According to the chairman of the Republican Commission for the prevention propaganda porn, violence and ruthlessness Nina Froltsova, traders discs, cassettes and magazines from time to time find themselves require commission did not violate the law of propagation of the or other Product:
"Erotica for distribution never forbidden. Erotic products on different media, just as and different activities connected with the display and demonstration of this kind of public spectacle, never been banned. Was the problem of the difference" between "erotica and something yet. other words, if it is erotic — please. But if it’s porn — then it is the problem. And you should always tell the difference between writing erotic products and pornography. "
Gregory Kurochkin, office holder, selling video products, denies Mrs. Froltsova words:

"It is the highest rate. Government took under his control, and as a Russian time, it was that sex we have virtually no".

"We are very strict with this, as the plant immediately criminal case, almost the second time. Repeatedly hit — tagged. Because at the moment the market is actually underground so that just guard. By the way, we do not zvyazvaemsya this as very highest rates. The government took control of its own and, as in Russian time, it turned out that we have sex almost none. If previously we could offer something else, at the moment, of course, already all tied. Specifically, because the very terrible punishment. Previously — administratyvka, and now outright criminality. "
Legalize "erotica" is possible, but for the "cheap"
Film critic Alla Bobkov once came to the Republican committee in preventing propagation of porn. She says that the filtration of all kinds of repertoire in some cases was absolutely justified:
"In addition to all that came to our market, films were indeed very tough (in the respective context.) Thus it was not justified by the plot. This tape specially shot for the respective purpose — to work on some brutal instincts of man."
Realizer video Gregory says that his company tried to legalize the sale of tapes and programs erotic content. But he promptly threw venture:

"Production is considered overvalued demand. Because people running around, finds everywhere. Yes we have it anywhere and no. Only in Zhdanov is available, and even then for mad money."

"In connection with the resolution: there are taxes laid, that the brain can leave. Accruals abnormal. Example, and so the movie is worth big money to register and erotica — 5 times more expensive. When it erotic programm several asterisks (for example, four stars), then at times more expensive. And to legalize porn — can not even imagine how much needed would pay. And because of this production is considered overestimated demand. Because people running around, finds everywhere. Yes we have it anywhere and no. Only on Zhdanov (market "Zhdanovichi" — RS) can be obtained, and even then for mad money. Not to mention all sorts of perversions. "
Police erotic adukavalasya?
Chairman of the Commission to promote the prevention of porn, violence and ruthlessness Froltsova Nina is convinced that the situation on the market today for your erotic products must satisfy all:
"You can read on, that over the years committed very severe steps. What is or even can be said and education conducted in the midst of the respective authorities, law enforcement first. Because it has long been producing results. Since the police itself for itself pursues spread neparnagrafichnay products because it has no legitimate reason for it. But what are related to pornography, of course, exposed some kind of control on the part of law enforcement. And here the role of the expert committee is that it examines. We do not control, and conduct examination on appeal respective structures with appropriate materials to law enforcement agencies. "

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