EU sanctions have become a reality

In the estimates of losses to Belarus after the abolition of trade preferences economists significantly crawl. Experts call very different amounts — from 30 million dollars to 400 million euros per year.
But it is clear that the sanctions will affect first light, chemical and wood processing industry.
"While sanctions have not felt"
Company "Milavitsa" recent years in the European market need lingerie. About probable adjustments to work here they say without hunting.
Says director of marketing Julia Garnik:
"How will it affect? While this question can not answer, since no sanctions are not felt. As director of marketing, financial component until I can not open a discussion — in any case, the ratio of the scale of economic performance and our company, and our country. Indeed, if the experts are independent can provide their ratings because they are engaged in economic evaluation of specific market, then I do not want to mislead and give misjudgment. "

Yu.Garnik: "How will it affect? While this question can not answer, since no sanctions are not felt."

Decision on exclusion of Belarus from the Generalized System of Preferences adopted last year on December 20, with a grace period of six months. For this time government needs to implement the International Labour Organization Tips — remove violations of trade union rights.
But according to the results of the meeting nedavneshnego ILO in Geneva Belarus again brought in a special paragraph for "the lack of progress in the field of the rights to freedom of association in Belarus."
15 May European Council confirmed that the decision to abolish preferences for Belarus will come into force on June 21.
L.Kozik: democratic unions did not cooperate with us
In Minsk to discuss the law on trade unions and the role of the Council’s work on the improvement of labor legislation came executive director of the International Labour Office, ILO Kari Tapiola.
Belarusian authorities still rely assure ILO representative in haste decision.
The chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Leonid Kozik, which is part of the official delegation in Geneva tried to show that the rights of workers in the country are produced in the unwillingness to solve the problem of labor accused opponents — Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions:
"Nobody in our FPB never asked for help, with suggestions of joint activities. Instead, the Federation last four years and offers BKDP and other unions, non-FPB together to defend the rights of people, the interests of workers.
I can not say that I’ve … Once responded: come pobyli slightly at the first meeting, when we invited the Governing primary trade union organizations, when beginning to consider the concept of the law on trade unions and all. More we will not beheld. "
"Stay on this they will think of anything else?"
Deputy Chairman of the Union of Businessmen Misha Shavelzon Notes: until fairly difficult to form an idea about the monetary loss from the abolition of preferences.
But much the way its economic policy towards Belarus and the European Union will hold further believes Shavelzon:
"While there is no severe accident can not see. Since the government will make efforts, and public organizations also to make communication with Brussels. But a burning question: how it will expand further, how? Stay on this they will be any more what- you think?

M.Shavelzona: "Opening up new markets, China goes quite seriously. Because hard to predict. At least, I do not share the belief that it is very banging on the business."

How does it knock? We can only guess. But — open up new markets, China goes quite seriously. Because hard to predict. At least, I do not share the belief that it is very banging business. At least, no one in the committees at the municipal level, not open a discussion of this issue. "

European Commissioner Peter Mandelson in the trade said, as Belarus will create conditions for normal-independent trade union, European Union trade preferences to return the country. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the current statement to the entry into force of the European sanctions expressed the hope that this will happen soon.

• Democratic trade unions call on the Government to implement all the tips, 21.06.2007

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus hopes for a quick lifting of sanctions, 21.06.2007

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