EU sanctions will not cancel the elections

Brussels holds out his hand to the official Minsk. Discussion on the loose


The statement stressed that the elections will be "another opportunity for Belarus to show respect for democratic values," and that the EU is prepared to revise current sanctions against Belarusian rezhymku and "make a positive and definite steps" towards "gradual recovery relations with Belarus."

A.Fedorov: Cash EU sanctions were ineffective
Political analyst Andrei Fedorov believes that visa sanctions against Belarusian authorities were more effective in comparison with financial:
A.Slizhevski and sanctions in the European Union went

Head of the Ministry of Justice civilian associations Oleg Slizhevsky states that sanctions will not affected his life, and in Europe, he went and sanctions:

Seviarynets that sanctions should be removed uniformly

Last political prisoner Pavel Seviarynets convinced that the EU sanctions to be effective, they have an impact on the situation in Belarus and forced mode wonder what he’s doing.
EU ministers to take a chance against Minsk
This conclusion the other day discussing the issue of the Belarusian foreign affairs ministers in Brussels Belgian commentators make online edition EUobserver and other European media.
Kozulin present in Brussels and Washington SLM position
According to co-chair Abyadanyh democratic forces of Belarus Anatoly Lebedko favorite UCP, the last political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin, who this week invited to Brussels and Washington, received a mandate to scoring position SLM.
Draft resolution on the subject anticipates the promise of assistance and the lifting of sanctions in the case of democratic elections on 28 September this year.
Ambassadors of the European Union in Brussels prepared a draft document, which states that the alliance "peraatsenits situation in Belarus in the light of the parliamentary elections and the progress made by Belarus on the path to democratic values and human rights", — quotes the document agency AFP.
If the mode Alexander Lukashenko uses the opportunity to show their respect for democratic values and promise to have effective access to the OSCE monitoring the election campaign, "The European Union is ready to reconsider sanctions against Belarusian officials."
The agreed draft resolution 27 ministers of the European Union welcomes the release in August of the bullpen former presidential candidate in Belarus Alexander Kozulin and more recent 2-Belarusian political prisoners: Andrei Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich.
The project shows the possibility of some positive steps by the EU in establishing ties with Belarus, including initiatives in the field of trade and culture, bilateral visits. The project emphasizes the ability of the European Neighbourhood Policy, which could bring to Belarus 10s million euros for structural reforms.
Some European politicians expressed the need to reach out to Belarus, which came under Russian pressure that reaches Minsk recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski visited last Friday in Belarus and promised a speedy withdrawal of European sanctions.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Martynov to Brussels to meet his counterparts from 27 countries of the European Union was not invited. But in Brussels want to meet with former political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin.
Sikorski: sanctions can be lifted very quickly
EU may reconsider sanctions against Belarus
List of Belarusian officials who are banned in the EU Arrivals

  1. Alexander Lukashenko, President
  2. Sheiman, the then Attorney General
  3. Vladimir Naumov, Minister of the Interior
  4. Yuri Sivakov, the then Minister of Sports
  5. Dmitry Paulichenka Brigade Commander of internal troops
  6. Lydia Yermoshina, CEC Chairman
  7. Yuri Podobed, then chairman of the Minsk riot
  8. Gennady Nyavyhlas, then head of the Presidential Administration
  9. Natalia Petkevich, Deputy Managing Presidential Administration
  10. Anatoly Rubinov, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration
  11. Oleg Proleskovsky, then Chief of the Presidential Administration of ideological control
  12. Alexander Radkov, Minister of Education
  13. Vladimir Rusakievich Minister disk imaging
  14. Viktor Golovanov, Minister of Justice
  15. Zimouski Alexander, chairman of BTRC
  16. Vladimir Konoplev, the then Speaker of the House of Representatives
  17. Nikolai Cherginets, member of the Board of
  18. Sergei Kastsyan, member of the House of Representatives
  19. Misha Horde, member of the House of Representatives
  20. Nikolai Lozovik, CEC Secretary
  21. Peter Miklashevich, then Attorney General
  22. Oleg Slizhevsky, head of public associations of the Ministry of Justice
  23. Alexander Kharitonov, head of special management of public associations of the Ministry of Justice
  24. Evgeny Smirnov, deputy chairman of the Supreme Economic Court
  25. Hope Reutskaya arbitrator Metropolitan Court of Minsk
  26. Nikolay Trubnikov referee Partyzanski Court of Minsk
  27. Nikolai Kupriyanov, Deputy Attorney General
  28. Stepan Sukharenko, then chairman of the KGB
  29. Vasily Dementey, deputy chairman of the KGB
  30. Leonid Kozik, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus
  31. Alexander Kolyada, managing Brest Regional Election Commission
  32. Nicholas Usov, managing Gomel oblast election commission
  33. Leonid Lucina, managing Grodno oblast election commission
  34. Tatyana Kravchenko, Managing Minsk City Election Commission
  35. Vladimir Kurlovich, managing Minsk oblast election commission
  36. Nicholas Snowstorm, managing Mogilev Regional Election Commission
  37. Misha Pischulenok managing Vitebsk Regional Election Commission

Statement stresses that the elections would be "another opportunity for Belarus to show respect for democratic values" and that the EU is prepared to revise the current sanctions against Belarusian rezhymku and "make a positive and definite steps" towards "gradual recovery angazhavanastsi with Belarus

. "

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