Eugene Skrabutan had a conversation with the KGB

Officer, but declined to comment on the story nedavneshny Belarusian television, in which Eugene and several other students recalled, speaking of "annotations on terrorism."
Eugene Skrabutan went to Kiev forced: it handy substitution passports and printing for permission to travel abroad without the approval do not put the KGB.
He first came to the KGB Volkovysskii yesterday, but he uttered that they have no time for him. Now after conversations student kalinovets received paper by which he must put in the passport stamp for permission to travel in all countries world.
Eugene Skrabutan enrolled in the Warsaw Institute, previously he was expelled from the Institute of Grodno.
• Students applets Kalinowski received a summons to the KGB, 7.06.2007
• Grodno arrested Eugene Skrabutan, 29.05.2007
• Two activists Grodno — seven days in jail and three days, 29.05.2007

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