Expansion of peat extraction causes conflicts

Call Lena Piskun:
"I — a resident of the village Slavkava Nesvizhsky district. We have peat mill in the village. It was built back in 1940. This venture needed close. But due to the fact it must fuel for the expansion of torfaplyatsovki take pasture. No ability to graze cattle elsewhere. And pasture that take — last Nesvizhsky bog area. "
A large village in the direction of Nesvizha on Kapyl called Slavkava. Local they say that sometime in the area delayed Radziwill. Glorious was around here. Trees, birds, Cranberry bogs, ponds deepest. So Slavkava — title, granted Radziwill.
Reputation paradise shattered the Bolsheviks. From the postwar period before a day or there is not only destroying the picturesque scenery, and is taken under the pasture meadows yes torfaplyatsovki more. Let’s listen to local residents:
"What is milk? Prizharit As the sun, the earth will be naked!" — Says Olga.
"Cattle stroll here a day, — join the conversation Galina Cross. — In our village at the moment only 28 cattle. Well, what is it? Trifle — the huge Slavkava.
Galina in-law — Misha Cross: "I remember that earlier the villagers kept 96 cattle."
Devastated former peat mill oasis "reddish star"
I visited the local peat mill "reddish star." For over 60 years old he emptied oasis. About his own impressions says Ivan grizzled — veteran production:
"There’s nothing grows. Already all selected. Il only remains. As if — under forestry. Agriculture And there’s nothing left."
From the village to Slavkava Nesvizha — hand file. If the last Radziwill swamp of 120 hectares, climb over peat depth, it will dry up and park near the castle in the town. Head Nesvizh dyarzhinspektsyi in nature conservation Misha Chichko:
"I — against. Academy should give an opinion. "
According to Misha Chichko when Nesvizhski peat mill "reddish star" to get to the municipal program from "Energy Security", the fate of the last marsh is catastrophic for the local ecology.
Incidentally, Belarus plans to increase the extraction of peat up to 3.3 million tons per year for energy purposes and up to 3 million — for agricultural purposes. In Last year, According to statistics, Belarus gained 2 million tons of peat.
Dramatic expansion of peat extraction in the field of pasture, hay fields and other agricultural land causes social conflicts in villages Slutsky Darohi, Luban and several other areas. Meanwhile Belarus 22 torfzavody expect to increase their own power.
Village flock to Cloquet last surviving swamps;
In these places lost trees, birds, fish;
Factory "Red Star", which burned swamp Radziwill;
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