F-35 integrated with nuclear weapons

F-35 integrated with nuclear weapons

On the F-35A started next step test — systems integration capability for nuclear objection
guns. In past plane steps
successfully made the takeoff and landing installed missile AIM-120 in the upcoming also simulated an application
spread spectrum secondary air-to-air missile.

It was the first time an instrument communicated to the plane of
flight time with the introduction of the data channel.

«In October, we conducted a series of tests with different systems
weapons JDAM and AMRAAM «, said
Colonel Roderick L., managing programs from the F-35. «We have proved we can
to hold them harmless, and that the models that correspond exactly to the mass and
properties of real weapons can be separated completely from the aircraft safely.
Now comes the step of integration testing, we must prove that the plane
can be read with a gun and that the gun can read with the plane. «

Until October 26, model rockets without internal electronics were
used in all tests of nuclear weapons for the F-35. AIM-120 AMRAAM used
during testing containing a complete electrical stuffing, but without the rocket

Successful testing of systems integration fighter
together with a very harmless ammunition compartment, means that all-encompassing
programm test F-35 are progressing on schedule, to the terminating phase of real
firings, which are planned to start over in 2013.

Beginning in February and lasts until the end of April, the team conducted
tests about 2 weapons in a week, said Roderick.

«It will be only the beginning of what I would describe
a more ambitious program from the introduction of weapons in the history of integration
on board the aircraft, «he said.

F-35A can be moved to different kinds of 9000 kg
arms, with 10 hardpoints. F-35A resettled 4 internal nodes
for tools, to ensure the highest secrecy during the flight. Each
Wing 3 suspension assembly — must be used, provided either suppressed
very weakened enemy air defenses



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