F.Aksentsav: I failed to preserve inner freedom, and therefore left

"Rusted Days":

Znatkevich: "When you started with the" Ulysses "when you wrote these texts, you made them immediately with the idea of a song, the melody, the rhythm — or they were created separately, first?"
Aksentsav: "All the songs began with a musical theme, the most — those Slavin as music — art, in general, more abstract for poetry, and it was a very natural way — start the song out of tune."
Znatkevich: "In other words, you first listened to some theme music, and later on her own text already done?"
Aksentsav: "It was a little difficult at first appeared as topics that open a discussion and later offered those and other images for the songs, and if there was some sort of agreement, a general feeling that yes, it is exactly in this direction then makes the text already. "
Znatkevich: "And these ideas in the main text generavali you — or the music too?"
Aksentsav: "Some of our thoughts were shared thoughts, some were my personally, it was different, depends on the song."
"The main reason why some songs were not written — it is time and money"
Znatkevich: "On the first album, which has released a Russian record company" Melody ", there is quite a — at the time, well, at the moment — hard critical texts, such as" When the empire lost, "" Gestapo "or" days of rusty "If …" Melody "is produced — there were no problems or Belarusian language somehow rescued?"
Aksentsav: "Oddly enough, such huge problems with these texts were not. I think that they were not fully understood by people in Moscow."
Znatkevich: "In the midst of your songs there are some who are currently not in a decent record. For example," Pan Rust "preserved exclusively in a concert recording, or not so long ago on the web open a discussion those texts that have not survived even in a concert recording, there these lines were "Stones flew in our direction," and more about Prague, about Kabul … These songs have not been recorded since the song failed — there was a moment of political censorship? "
Aksentsav: "You see, most importantly, why these songs were not written — it is the means and the time that the guys were in the studio. I think we would all relish recorded songs that were then in concert programs from" Ulysses. "Lyrics about which you had read — it’s a song "Budapest — Prague — Kabul", then perhaps the only song that was not preserved in general of material in 1989 I was pleased to return, remember this text together with Slava. About "Pan Rust" — there is an essay to this song, which is recorded during a session to "Countries longish snowy clouds" with another version of the text, but I do not think this sketch exists in the form in which it can spread. "
"In the work of something stupid accurately plan"
Znatkevich: "Not so long ago, our guest was a favorite of" Ulysses "Vyacheslav Square — how often do you keep in touch with him and some planning to work together?"
Aksentsav: "I called him a week back. Regarding teamwork — you know, in the work of precisely plan something stupid. Someday if they get new songs — I’ll just be grateful to fate. And if not — you will get something else. I I plan to live. "
Znatkevich: "Which verse from Belarusian literature for you not to like?"
Aksentsav: "You know, I’m a little prepared for this question … Usually people remember something from school, but the first place I am now verse that I do not read so long ago — it’s a poem from the book" Patriotic education of youth " , which was published in Mogilev This year … "
Znatkevich: "You found him on the web?"
Aksentsav: "Yes. It is called" Belarus is my blue-eyed ":
"Ilnavodchaskae link that the farm" Our Victory "competition, first place went to, there is nothing unusual here.
Led him more than once in a couple of years Vera Buyakova — Hero of Labor, received thanks again. "

Russian propaganda is just resting. "
Znatkevich: "At first I did not believe that it is not banter, because at the moment many of these poems is a similar parody, but later served in the web output that really Mogilev a real teacher of some of the Mogilevsky institutions issued this book. In your views .. — generally worth getting kids to school to learn by heart the verses? "
Aksentsav: "I think so, because, you know, the sound of speech, words — it is delayed for a lifetime, and even if the kids do not like it at first, it can be very useful later. Overall, I am very well to traditional education, when people learned Latin, knew several foreign languages, know by heart the traditional poetry, the poetry of other cultures — I think it’s useful. "
Znatkevich: "And you want to make your poem once taught in school?"
Aksentsav: "See, it’s the sudden question … It is not essential, as poems — how to breathe, and words, and not so much how many people read them, love to … I do not know."
"It was very hard to live in Minsk …"
Znatkevich: "Let’s not enough of another — why did you decide to leave, and why specifically in Canada?"
Aksentsav: "I left to be free. Know, you must be a very strong man to save the inner freedom and unfreedom criteria outer external pressure. I failed because and left. It was very hard to live in Minsk … Why Canada? First, a good friend lived in Vancouver, and in-2 — Memoirs of youth hockey matches between Russian and Canadian hockey players … All this somehow impacted. "
Znatkevich: "But who do you was ill?"
Aksentsav: "When we played hockey in the yards, we always somehow broke into two teams, the Soviet and Canadian. So it turned out that for some reason I always stints in the Canadian team, and then I called Phil, as he was such a hockey player Phil Esposito … Well, now 10 years old, I was rooting for the Canadians against the Russian team. "
"I’m not a very political person"
Znatkevich: "If you compare your life in Minsk and your life today in Vancouver — what the biggest difference?"
Aksentsav: "Outside freedom. Absence of external pressure. Kasmapalitychnasts town."
Znatkevich: "Living in Vancouver, Canada — as often and you look closely the events in Belarus?"
Aksentsav: "In general, I’m not a very political person, but I can say that the time to read announcements and support the first connection those people, who are dear to me, it is somehow more significant to me than politics. "
Znatkevich: "If we return to creativity — the same as your own awareness of your texts and their awareness of the majority of learners an old" Ulysses "? For example, in the song" Radio Liberty "yavna text link to Orwell’s" 1984 "-" Where there is no darkness " . If it is accepted, the text immediately becomes so gloomy, and if you do not know — we may think that it is optimistic, positive-plyakatnaya song … "
Aksentsav: "You see these lines of Orwell’s always made me a horror, and always when I read it, I wanted to rewrite the story and make it svyatleyshy, because here there are still some other layer — it is not just a quote from Orwell is attempt to find light where Orwell’s hero found only jail.
I wish to conclude by saying a few words. First, sorry for my not very good Belarusian language, a
s I almost did not speak Belarusian live in ’11 and live — even longer. And in-2, here I learned that now Minsk listeners of "Ulysses" going to a party — I welcome you to Vancouver, I was really happy that the songs are necessary for you, and welcome to the glory of the root, if it is currently listening to . "

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