Farewell to settle Katkovskaya on Freedom

At the ceremony, the voice sounded Vladi — which generally occasionally visited our air — it’s a piece of transfer of our archives, where he is responsible for the website "Memorial" dedicated to the victims of Stalinist repression.

Michelle opened the ceremony Dyubak, director of broadcasting Radio Liberty / Radio Free Europe:
"We are gathered here in Prague and Washington to share the grief of the loss of dear husband, son and friend — Vladimir Katkovskaya. But now we not only mourn, we celebrate his life. Vladimir — the pioneers real as for websites. He was involved in the transformation of the Belarusian Freedom-hour information service. He was a major figure in the team, which in Last year in December was awarded the prize "For the best coverage of hot news." And again he was the main link in the team, which is already in This year captured the prize "For the best services in the convergence."

Director of the Belarusian service Alexander Lukashuk read on, I did and do not have time to do Vladik:
"If at one point and rudely breaks is young and professional life as the life of Vladimir, our loss is multiplied. We lose a life that was also something that could be. Disappears In the past promised a future that does not occur.
In this regard, Vladimir and not.
No need to explain why. And not — as he was able, did so much and so could his life zopoluchilo domain and completeness worthy of at least some way completed. But the Belarusian web, in the web world, in the hearts of family and friends — the way Vladimir has not been completed.
Endless memory. "
Sergei Vladimir Shupe familiar with since the mid ’90s:
"Vlad was one of the first Belarusians, which entered the global network — even in the early 90’s, while studying in the United States under applets" Freedom Support Act. "He immediately became interested in this new world and became one of the most Belarusian kibernavtav recognizable.
Created 10-s innovative web projects created by Belarusian interface of Google, the founder of the Belarusian Wikipedia, one of the first Belarusian bloggers — he carried the world are great (and bad) news about Belarus.
He was a real ambassador of Belarus in cyberspace … "
Via satellite link shared our mourning with us colleagues in Washington. Jeff took the last word Trymbl, Director of Strategic Planning our radio:
"Vladimir has left us very early. He still had so much to do. But he did not so little, he came into my life in a very typical time — when we try to grasp and understand — what is" kanvergenyya "and" multymedyi. "And here comes this energetic, intelligent, very interested Belarusian youth, which bit 20, is ready to work in the morning, and patiently explain their work, their ideas, their own world — me, a man of a different generation, a different style of thinking. most I remember his extraordinary interest in work, his perseverance, and his constant bad mood is not …
One of the tragedies of Belarus — the aftermath of disasters of history, and from time to time and as a result of someone’s evil thoughts — is that she has lost a lot of their own young heroes. Maxim Bogdanovich — founder of the modern Belarusian poetry — died at age 25 … "
Jeff graduated Trymbl reading poems perkladu Maxim Bogdanovich "Warm evening, quiet evening."

It is symbolic that Vlad left the light in one day with Maxim Bogdanovich — exactly 90 years. A born in one day Vasil Bykov …
Everyone who knew Uladike personally or through a network, can come to bid him farewell on Saturday, June 2nd, to 15-00 hours at Minsk, vul.Sharangovicha, 52 kv.161. A 15-hour funeral procession will go to the cemetery Petrovshchina (intersection vul.Chygunachnay and pr.Dzerzhinskogo), where burial will take place.

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