Football fans start the season

One of ordinary matches: Minsk "Dynamo" plays against Salihorsk "Miner". Admission is free, the public is not very much — a few 10’s fans, "Miner". This sector soldiers cordoned off. Fans of "Dynamo" are sitting at the gate.
I ask the fans: "Are you a fan?"
Man: "No, just a fan. "
Reporter: "Why is it not enough people in the stands?"
Man: "A. .. Warm weather, many pazyazhzhali. Starting Championship — not so curious."
According to the accepted terminology football fans are divided into supporters and fans. When fans — ordinary, unorganized football fans, the fans are organized, they are different in appearance and behavior, as well have theirshaped club psychology.
According to one of the fans of Minsk "Dynamo", Ales, in Minsk only a few hundred "Professor" fans who will go faster for his own team to the regional center than abroad, so worried for the team.
Ask him how he assesses the fan movement in Belarus?
Our country is sluggish …
Ales: "Our country is sluggish. Cultural experience for his team prevent difficulties with the police: you can not light a" fireball ", you can not come to the stadium with flags. Even Dynamo fan sector at all vsepostoyanstve own organization and always meets with resistance from the police, which is operated by the principle of "do not let go."
Appeal to one of the police officers, security control of the match: "Often the police are the problem with the fans?"
Policeman: "Naturally, often. Before the match, during the match."
Reporter: "I beheld that before the match took a whole group of miners’ fans."
Policeman: "There have been intoxicated."
Reporter: "What is the trend?"
Policeman: "It has become less … Must also draw conclusions that one republic — Belarus that all countrymen."
Fight fans are appointed where there is no police
Not counting intoxicated skirmishes there in the midst of fighting by the rules of football fans. Such people called football hooligans. In Belarus these people operate on vneglasnoe codes: Hands must be unspotted, without whipping devices. Fighting appointed at a certain time in a certain place where the police will not be accurate.
It is a closed youth subculture, which reports on its own victory only on the Web. In general, young people from time to time have to fight without rules. I called one of the fans who have to defend their fists at times honor their own club:
Fan: "I would have enrolled in at least some of the current situation to that of my family, friends, etc. If someone offends my football club, I subscribe under this case, and not leave the situation with impunity. For me the club — something close and dear. "
My companion does not call his name, yet emphasizes that occasionally intersects with the aggressive clubs in urgent situations:
Fan: "I had such a meeting more than once, when I talked with fans of other teams quite normal and quiet."
Fan movement not so long ago tried to use fascist groupings skin Head, but according to my interlocutors, currently in motion policies actually not.

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