For the role of VIPs in Congress will vote separately

Member of the Political Council Anatoly Lebedko said:
"Instead of each individual structure will exhibit a plus or minus. Whoever receives all the pros and will delegate to Congress."
Alexander Milinkevich hopes that will be approved by the list submitted by the Council of the Belarusian intelligentsia:
"It is natural that writers, painters, if they are in Congress, it is not only decorates the Congress, and it mattersit is prestigious, raises ratings for this Congress. Unfortunately, all thinking about the fight in which fractions for any place in the manual. I do not share this viewpoint. It would be shameful if not passed VIPs, but I hope that this will not happen. "
Political prisoners will be able to find a person who will be opportunities and status delegate Congress.
Political Council also adopted a regulation in the next reading. Chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka:
"It will be the law of that Congress and will be such a recommendation — to create more rules as was the existing structure."
A day or for the agenda of the Congress decided that he, incidentally, will include a presentation by the Chairman of the Political Council A.Milinkevich, chairman of the State Committee Lebedko, Kalyakin control headquarters and representative Alexander Kozulin.

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