Foreign loans cover economic inefficiency

Tsigankov"How does it look on the debt of Belarus against debts of other countries? Does the amount of debt of the Belarusian state concern of the Belarusian economy?"

Zlotnikau"While the amount of external debt is not more than in other countries. There is a norm -" amount of debt to GDP. "40-50 percent — this is normal. And Belarus is makes up only 20-25 percent. It’s not tragic.
But I note that the debt grows very rapidly. Later — there is 70 per cent of short-term loans of different forms, which must be returned within 1 year. Because new loans are taken to give to past debts. So we vtsyagvaemsya Tipo in any pyramid scheme. Untainted investment in out are not that great. "
Tsigankov: "In the midst of a 14-billion municipal debt amounted to about 2 billion dollars, outside debt of commercial banks — 3.35 billion External debt of other sectors of the economy increased by 11.9% to 7.6 billion dollars. Where does such a large debt companies? "
Zlotnikau"Some of them take loans under the guarantee of the country can take part and so. Litsezreem We huge negative balance of foreign trade, and foreign loans go first to fill this balance. Such a balance states that, that the Belarusian economy uncompetitive, and foreign loans cover this nekankurentazdolnasts. This is not loans to development and to cover economic inefficiency. If you take as much foreign investment is invested in the economy for the year then it is very small figure. Foreign investments in major funds constitute only about 1 percent. "Tags: debt, Zlotnikau foreign

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