Freedom House has condemned the decision of the UN Council on Human Rights

As the executive director of the organization, Jennifer Windsor, "the Board’s decision to free himself of control over those 2 repressive regimes is not valid"
By Jennifer Windsor, "before Parliament had 12 special rapporteur to monitor the human rights troubled countries. Four of them — Russia, Cuba, Burma and North Korea have the reputation of the most repressive regimes in the world in terms of political rights and freedoms of civilians. Exclusion from blacklist 2-states — a major blow to the possibility of Parliament to track systematic abuse Human Rights in some societies. "

Freedom House — a noble human rights organization headquartered in the United States. In his own recent reports Freedom House emphasized that freedom in Belarus was very limited in soon intensified repression against the opposition, has increased pressure on non-governmental organizations, media-independent. By the level of media freedom in Belarus Last year ranked 185 in the world.

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