Gaiduchevici and Protko — exclusion of Belarus from the UN blacklist

, Owed said:
"The decision of the UN Council on Human Rights, I take it as a normal phenomenon. Again given the chance and the Belarusian side, which is now behaves according to the situation and are open for the policies to which we aspire.
No perfect States. This I quote the Minister Foreign Affairs Land of the rising sun, which said that need to be condescending to the countries that are just embarked on the path of democracy. If the country is committed to this, asks ability to move forward, ready to go this complicated method such country must be maintained. That such an approach, I welcome. "
Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Tatyana Protko believes so:
"Impartially — a measure of the success of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Qualified people are sitting there, who understand that the work on Human Rights, human rights in general and the topic is the subject, and the means of international communication.
But — not bad work of officials, if it does not correspond to reality, always come out sideways. So, now the government has received certain privileges from the international community — as they will be applied? After prepyadstviya, we are talking about a self-monitoring remained.
If the government is not only achieve exceptions blacklist, but something to fix within the country — that is one thing. However, if it made just for the sake of showing off, there will again be on the list. "
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