Gaiduchevici began a dialogue with the European Union

In preparation for these meetings, the emperor Gaiduchevici in conversation with "Freedom" said:
"I am willing to consider all representations. Though what dialogue is better something else, because it will always lead to great."
At the moment, Haidukevich begins "a broad dialogue with the EU." In his view, it can be fun for the European partners.
"I’m so independent, as it may be, to defend the country’s interests, besides, I am a deputy of the party and manage," said the Belarusian favorite liberal Democrats.
Meanwhile beginning of the "broad dialogue" between Belarus and the EU has not yet caused any resonance in the European media. Perhaps only one Italian online edition Diritto-oggi is a small message about the meeting with the Belarusian politician Italian deputy rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe on Belarus Andrea Rigoni.
Publication Diritto-oggi quoted Haidukevich sovereign’s willingness to open in Minsk so called «Info point", or information Consulate Council of Europe, "So often manages to Strasbourg to receive information regarding the course of democratic Belarus."
In response to a question about Andrea Rigoni situation with political prisoners, Gaiduchevici said in Belarus no political prisoners. People that they say so in the West, criminals posing as political prisoners. As said Belarusian politician, the question political prisoners there is very personal. Anyone who can not attain power, says he feels political persecution, cites Haidukevich Diritto-oggi.
As the newspaper writes, PACE rapporteur on Belarus Andrea Rigoni, who is going to visit Belarus in October, said that he wants to see this with my own eyes.
Commenting on the results BelaPAN own conversations with Rigoni and representatives of the Italian Foreign Ministry, S.Gaydukevich referred to them "very positive."
Details about the meeting S.Gaydukevicha and Rene van der Linden later on our web site.

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