Grodno friendship with Iran: Return to go very far to kiss

Old man: "I believe that the" father "of our need to connect more voedinyzhdy our Slavic peoples. And about contacts with China or Iran — I think that there is very far to go to kiss, realize."
Man: "The government and the president knows better. Because — he does, I support. "
Young Man: "I’m okay, if it benefits Republic of Belarus. "
Young Man: "I am positive. And what’s such a disgusting? Contrary, additional verbovanie investors contracts. In Iran, for example, will produce oil."
Man: "In any case, the case must be between countries. A definition — "rogue state" or not — it’s totally, I think, is a personal thing. "
Man: "We need to all members, and time to recover Russian Alliance. Shallow country should take into account all the interests and play a huge game, it can not, because it is true that we support the business with all countries . "
Old man: "My world is: with at least some state, which relate to our excellent Belarus need to maintain business with them to trade, promote cultural exchange, regardless of whether it is far or near abroad. "
Man: "You need to be friends with all, with Iran as well, so was everything in moderation."
Young Man: "Iran is also economically developed in a positive way, because over time, I think it will be tightened up all developed European countries."
Young Man: "I have a negative attitude to this, so what you need strengthen business with countries that can give us more in economic terms, with the same Europe, America. "
Student: "I believe that, sealing the case with countries who remain outcasts, Belarus is also a pariah in the international political arena. If we put ourselves on a par with them, it appears that we, too, such as they are, and we will not accept whole world . "
His friend: "With today’s power to fix things even better with some countries, so how else we remain in complete isolation."
Young Man: "Belarus searches for himself on his friends gaze. So makarom, more friends, the more it will have an effect. At least in the United Nations will vote for it more and more countries, and it will be more lawyers in international politics. "
Lady: "We can not in any way to treat this. I, for example, this can only see the political will of municipal officials. "

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