Grodno — the abolition of EU trade preferences Belarus

Young Man: "It is clear that the removal of trade preferences has a negative impact on the economy of Belarus. Who’s on for yourself will feel? I think government employees are likely to receive wages in state enterprises, teachers, doctors, students are the same."
Young Man: "My world such that once our economy is more focused on the eastern direction, the results of the abolition of privileges will, maybe a year or two. And now, maybe, just reincarnate prydumvanne any new tax business for companies, which is more or less work. "
Man: "Every way of a good idea to force the dictator to make concessions. Warned repeatedly, this case dragged on for a couple of years: Belarus is not willing to accept conventional democratic standards because such a reaction occurred. I think it very good . "
Man: "I think that the European Union did because he was right. But one way or another it was a punishment power, but the results of this impact on people."
Youth"Pretty exciting situation, since for the first time against the Belarusian regime introduced economic sanctions, this brand new situation to the authorities. True, I have a hope that they would" go to the brain to the head "and although nominally improve the situation of trade unions, so as today is no danger for the authorities are independent unions are not. "
Man: "I believe that the European Union withdid everything true. "
Reporter: "But if it’s really banging on the budget, it will feel the power or the people — what do you think?"
Man: "I think likely people will feel. "
Reporter: "So you think that the right measures, but they knock on people? And then what will do power? "
Man: "I think they will naturally find any options to get out of this situation."
Reporter: "The fact that the budget will lose some money, there really will affect the country and the people?"
Man: "It is inevitable. Maybe not so noticeable immediately feel it, but over time it will grow like a snowball, here is my world. "

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