Grodno were ordered from top to simulate a dialogue with the public

In Grodno Yanka dome Institute hosted a round table dedicated to the reconstruction of an old building dilemmas. But let it not all, of the institute authorities even called the police. Ales Zalewski was not allowed on a round table, and he was an eyewitness, as the police arrived. What was the motivation, why not allowed?
"Motivation is such that I’m not in the list of invitees — says Zalewski. — Well, then who and how invited? But historians related to the history department. I asked: why journalists do not have a case for how discussions are reconstruction, which concerns every inhabitant Grodno? "
Doctor of Historical Sciences Krawcewicz, but got on the round table, at least for the history department does not work.
"I missed a case: a young man who was armed, knows me personally, remember that I was the first vice-rector of the Institute. — Reads Krawcewicz. — Memoirs of roundtable positive. Why? Since the company of young people and all the defenders of the town ended in success. We have proved a real force, society has shown that it is necessary to reckon with. Management Institute apparently gave the order from top to simulate a dialogue with the public. Do not miss the people who make a web site dedicated to the reconstruction of Grodno, the protection of the town. "
Reporter: "It turns out that it was an event for show?"
Krawcewicz: "Management Institute obviously did not want to lead this round table as hard to keep everything in the hands. Managed Dean of the History Faculty Yarmusik, began the first pro-rector Nechuhrin, was regional ideologue, and of the executive committee — Dubovets. All Time wasto see that they are afraid of letting the initiative. And at first they spoke about the purpose of the event: not about the dilemmas of reconstruction Grodno talk, and — the fact that students and teachers not to angazhavalisya the other side barricades. That they were not involved in the fight for normal reconstruction, that they did not respond to a "political provocation!" But I said in his speech that we must be grateful, should rejoice for such youth. Here is a senior teacher says that he have a headache for the city. For your head and maybe more to finish, and they were fighting and winning in certain moments. "
When a reporter wanted to take a picture of Liberty in front of the Institute policeman and distributors newspaper "Our word" man in civilian grabbed his hand, snatched the camera. Man ist himself as "retired", but university staff uttered it — deputy head of the institute of protection — a retiree.
Vaskevics Andrew (left) and Ales Zalewski (right) was not allowed to round the table and they had expect the results to the streets

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