GUAM plans to transport oil to Europe bypassing Russia

At the summit in Baku excluding Governors of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova attended by representatives from 25 countries and eight international organizations, including UN, OSCE, NATO and the Council of Europe. Organisation for Economic Development and Democracy GUAM was created to counteract intergratsyynym Moscow’s plans and confront the military and economic impact of. In a day or agenda favorites Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova were the questions of energy transport and peacekeeping operations.
GUAM joint peacekeeping force would have changed Russian troops in Transnistria, South Ossetia and Abkhazia
These four countries have agreed to explore the ability of the creation of the joint peacekeeping forces, which could change the Russian troops deployed in the current time in Transnistria, South Ossetia and Abkhazia. That is what the minister said Foreign Affairs Gela Bezhuashvili at a press conference in Baku.
"We agreed to cooperate and work hard to make it possible in order to GUAM foreseeable could participate in peacekeeping operations to its contingent not only military, and police disposition. This is a fundamental question. We have instructed appropriate structures, that they have developed a common strategy, and that the most important thing, in order to have it this component possible faster. "
Pipeline "Odessa-Brody-Plock-Gdansk" to transport oil avzerbayzhanskay bypassing Russia
Open a discussion on the prospects for the summit completion and operation of the pipeline "Odessa-Brody-Plock-Gdansk" that would render the possibility of Azerbaijan to transport its oil to Western Europe, bypassing Russia. Polish President Lech Kaczynski and Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus, favorites of which directly interested in expanding the oil present at the GUAM summit as observers.
As a result favorites GUAM signed a declaration on the development of the transport corridor and strengthening energy security.
The document also says that the cooperation within GUAM help resolve regional conflicts. In addition Baku signed a memorandum on cooperation in nuclear and radiation safety.

"In the long term, since taking all four countries in NATO and the European Union, the function of GUAM can be considered exhausted "

According to Azerbaijani political analyst Rasim Musabekava, one of the main issues of the summit was the process of integration of the GUAM member states in the Euro-Atlantic space. From an organization that was created to counteract intergratsyynym plans of Moscow, GUAM is transformed into a definite integration association, said the analyst told the BBC. By Rasim Musabekava, "in the long term, since taking all four countries in the European Union and NATO, GUAM functions can be considered exhausted."

Belarus does not go into the GUAM and, accordingly, perceives the role in the discussion and implementation of energy and peace projects of the Economic Development and Cooperation.

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