Guest on Freedom — Dmitri Fedoruk

May 29 Russian Tribunal district of Minsk sentenced five activists "Junior Front"Big penalties defined Dmitry Khvedaruk — 1,000,000 240 thousand rubles, or 578 dollars U.S.. His recognized guilty under the Criminal Code for his role in an unregistered organization.
— Some people believe that we are heroes. Someone convinced that we are just some tramps who have nothing to do. In my eyes the same it’s just is an act of courage and civilian duty, the duty of every Belarusian.
In "Young Front"Dmitry came across an ad in the newspaper in August 2005. During after just spent 33 days in jail and prisons. Not so long ago Dmitry elected chairman of the Minsk city organization "MF".
He was born in Minsk in 1988, graduated from high school number 11, on the street that Kalinowski. Until the eighth grade was an A, and later began to give more time and attention to those items that are more interested.
Played football, was captain of the team "Tractor" in his own age. The music gives preference group «NRM». Midst beloved writers — Karatkevich and Kundera is interested in German poetry.
Dmitry Khvedaruk questions can be asked in advance: round the clock telephone answering machine (8-017) 266-39-52, via SMS (391-22-24) or email electrical rferl.minsk @ If you notify the Radio Liberty own phone number, revision itself will connect you with the sovereign Khvedaruk.

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