Help out whether the directive number 3 Belarusian economy?

Alexander Lukashenko on June 14 issued a directive number 3 on the economy and berazhlivastsi. Why specifically at the moment there was this document? How to evaluate the policy of diversifying energy sources? Or effective administrative ways to save resources?
Why handy emergency measures?
Valery Karbalevich: "The word" directive "seems to be indicative of unusual magic. Other words, something extraordinary happened and to save the country, some special measures are necessary because ordinary measures are not enough.
A meanwhile Alexander Lukashenko and other officials they say that we have successfully overcome the difficulties which first appeared, and at the moment, our economy is not threatened. How does this compare with? What is the meaning of this directive? How can explain its appearance now? "
Leonid Zlotnikov: "It is understandable why the authorities are trying to reassure the population. Because they so frightened excitement with the purchase of currency, which was first year. The economic situation is not simple.
Analysis of trade balance with Russia since the beginning of the year indicates that we have to pay the RF 1 billion dollars more than the previous year.
And it is increasing trade deficit. At the same time, about half of it managed by increasing energy prices. This also explains the occurrence of the directive. "
Konstantin Skuratovich: "The emergence of the directive follows from quite style of Alexander Lukashenko: direct methods of administrative influence by presidential decrees and decrees. A directive — the highest form of administrative action.
In fact we have very many skills for the economy, because many in the country th bezgaspadarchastsi carelessness. The only indicator that from year to year is not made, it is an indicator of energy intensity reduction. But in This year from the beginning, he was exceeded by 25%.
Ways to save the ordinary. For example, turning off the radiators in the workplace. But the government has no strategic awareness of the essence of the problem. "
Zlotnikau: "In the conditions of increasing energy prices have been ineffective Belarusian economy, its nekankurentazdolnasts. Enterprises Poland or Lithuania kept the price for gas $ 200 for 1 a thousand cubic meters, and many Belarusian enterprises will not sustain the cost of 150 bucks. ‘Cause you need do something . "
How to evaluate the policy of diversifying energy sources?
Karbalevich: "The directive is attached to diversify its energy supply, the search for other sources of energy. Such measures have been taken in other countries. For example, in the European Union — first in Germany, there is also communicated policy assignments for the transition to biofuels. How can to comment on these measures? "
Skuratovich: "In Germany, the situation is different. There dominated economic ways. Government compensates the costs of biofuels more precious and everything.
And we have created a commission to control. I remember earlier when I worked at the institute, before winter came to inspect our room, plastered window. So it will be at the moment. "
Zlotnikau: "In the West, use indicative planning — in other words, using economic methods, research funding and other.
How much has been policy to reduce energaspazhyvannya characteristics, but without much results. If there is no real intrigued people in the economy, then the results will not be sturdy. "
Karbalevich: "In other words, my interlocutors with the comment that the idea of diversification of energy sources is good, but to push this business entities necessary economic means."
Or effective administrative ways to save resources?
Karbalevich "Directive provides for ordinary Belarus administrative solutions to economic problems: the task to bring the business entities make a commission to oversee the economy and berazhlivastsyu, punish and fine control.
To monitor the implementation of the directive connects even the KGB. How to evaluate the effectiveness of administrative methods? "
Skuratovich: "It has long been confirmed that if the economy is not dominated by the government, but the owners, they will be interested in saving themselves without directives. Those of our neighbors who had a market-oriented reforms, we are better off without the intervention of the country, law enforcement agencies. After the KGB will keep control of boiler work? Beating alcoholism midst firemen? "
Zlotnikau: "When we talk about large projects that need to concentrate money, like building a nuclear power plant, the country’s role effective immediately. Indeed Belarusian business to build a nuclear power plant is not capable.
But if there is a speech about energy consumption behavior of economic entities, millions of people, then there is policy methods ineffective. History of the USSR and other socialist countries is substantiated. "
Karbalevich: "But within the existing economic system without the administrative burden nothing works. For example, hitherto utilities was not interested in that, that appeared in each apartment water meters. ZhESy Because sabatavali this process. But according to the Directive such counters must appear in each apartment. And her must be do community service. "
Zlotnikau: "A couple of years back the authorities ordered to put such counters throughout the house or porch. As a consequence, no savings left, funds were lost. But water meters in apartment — it is a reasonable solution. But we have old pipes, the water flowing from their . And who will pay for it?
Another example of waste in municipal management. How many years ago there was an indication of cross local fuels in large cities, for example, in Baranovichi. Altered with gas boiler on the wood, imported this new fuel. And at the same time, small town and village, standing in the woods, gazyfikavali. In other words, all the bottom up. Bureaucrats are not liable for damages. "
Skuratovich: "In those communities Fri malehankih that gazyfikavali will proceed back to the wood, if people will not have the funds to pay for gas. But if it happens, without any guidelines."
Zlotnikau: "Another time. Directive states that the energy intensity of gross domestic product in our half to two times higher than in developed countries. Essentially, these numbers anymore. After GDP is calculated at the official exchange rate of the dollar in Belarus. But this course of artificial . Belarus in recent years the rate of the dollar has fallen more than in Europe.
And in-2. We have half of GDP is created in the service sector, where consumption energoelementov nekordinalno different from advanced countries. And if we compare the production sector, the energy intensity we have here are four to six times higher than in advanced countries.
And in agriculture in the production of 1 kilogram of meat in the energy intensity of eight to ten times more than in advanced countries. In such a situation may increase prices energoelementov be very languid economy. "
Karbalevich: "So Makar, the Belarusian authorities have turned to the usual methods of administrative solutions to energy problems. Within made in Belarus socio-economic model, no other methods can not be applied."

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