His curse, as he skillfully holds the power

Economic achievements and successes of the Belarusian authorities since the beginning of this year read and write even finished the official media.
But in the midst of some supporters of President Lukashenko, who live outside of Belarus, the myth of the Belarusian "economic magic ‘lives, it turns out, This time.
At least, to such views leaning letter from Ukraine, Chernivtsi town from our listener Vladimir encountered. Despite the fact that the emperor encountered long left home, but intensely interested in Belarusian affairs. And he wrote a letter to his Belarusian.
"For many years every day I listen to your programs with great enthusiasm, and very pleased with their truthfulness. Native Belarusian I, but at the moment I live in Ukraine, and miss their own native Belarus. What can you do, so there was fierce fate. Certainly, and will die in a foreign land.
You have to "Freedom" constantly polemics about the role in the country’s "father" Lukashenko. Here I have my own point of view. Nor Milinkevich nor other opposition I disagree. Want an example?
Here I am, the last chief engineer with 25 years of experience in system Abaronpramu and 45th overall seniority received a Ukrainian state pension — as much as 80 bucks. And my sister, a rural teacher, who lives Belarus, receives a pension of 160 dollars. Where is the truth?
While, as the mountain-Ukrainian politicians are trying to get under the wing of America, Lukashenko sent them where you want — and America, and others. Who such Lukashenko? Like me, a native of the village. Was the head of the farm and came to the president. Honor and praise! Let criticize him, scolded, but he skillfully holds the power in their hands. "
Power in his own hands, President Lukashenko holds firm, it is true, sire encountered. Holds for thirteen years, do not pay much attention to the fact that in the far 1994 elected him by the Constitution, which did not allow to dwell on the presidential post for more than 10 years.
How not to give power to others, from the history of authoritarian regimes perfectly understandable. Elimination of the separation of powers, the abolition of fair elections, suppression of democratic institutions …
All these are realities today’s Belarus. As the reality of the country, there are self-isolation from the civilized world, which is not cheap worth the Belarusian economy.
And now — a few words about the situation of Belarusian elderly. There should involve several fundamental events, the emperor encountered. In 1-x, the buck in Belarus is not the same price that Ukraine. In Belarus in terms of bucks more expensive than you are food, utilities, fuel.
Yes, indeed, by 2007 many of the social programs from Belarus had more funding due to the fact that the country has received a cheap Russian energoelementy. But this situation is changing rapidly.
One of the latest decisions by the authorities, which affect the welfare of millions of Belarusian elderly — the abolition of social benefits. Travel at half price, free medicines, discounts for utilities — all this for the majority of old Belarusian stays in the past.
Letter from Pinsk, the first group of disabled Dmitry Janchenko. Sovereign Janchenko — one of those thousands of people who passed through many courts in Belarus, was disappointed in Belarusian courts and relies only on international justice:
"I’ve heard recently on the radio that one" Chernobylets ", which is not found support in Belarusian courts (even in the Supreme) wishes to achieve justice through the European Tribunal of Human Rights.
The same problem I have. I spoke to our "Pinsky messenger", but there did not help, uttered that contacts with the European Tribunal does not have. "Like many of our listeners, he asks the address of the court, in which hopes to find justice against the Belarusian authorities.
The European Tribunal of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Its the address:
The European Tribunal of Human Rights Council of Europe 67075 Strasbourg France Sedeks
European Court of Human Rights Council of Europe 67075 Strasbourg-Cedex France

The address to write better in English or in French.
If you go to the web site of the court, and there you can find a special form for filing a complaint and detailed annotation how to fill it.
The problem, but is Belarus (Only in the midst of European states) does not go to the Council of Europe, and therefore does not fall under yurispundentsiyu Euro court Human Rights.
Zherdev Anatoly Gomel correspondence continues discussion about repentance for war crimes and the degree of guilt of the victim in the midst of a fighter for the civilian population.
This topic repeatedly sounded in the May issue "Post Box 111". Not satisfied heard, sire Zherdev writes:
"Assuming your comment, it turns out that people in the crematoria spalivat on Hitler’s orders — it’s a sin, but spalivat ladies and kids in the carpet bombing of Germany and the atomic bombings of the Land of the Rising Sun — is the highest justice, since it gave the order and Churchill Truman.
Here I had an idea: maybe buy a canister of gasoline to come to you, and set fire to throw?
This is in order to you at least for a moment felt the condition of those kids who were burning debris trapped buildings in Dresden, Hirasyme and Nagasaki. Emphasize that in the ruins burned more ladies and kids, as men were at war.
I do not know whether you have enough courage to read this objection on the air. But it is necessary for the sake of the democracy that should not tear the kid. "
I, sire Zherdev, just read that wine British pilot who bombed Germany and wine Gestapo, which sent prisoners to the gas chambers at Majdanek — incommensurable and incomparable.
Repent and must be punished those who started the war, who made an attempt on someone else’s freedom and independence, who deliberately destroyed civilians or prisoners of war.
Thus, for the mothers who have lost their own kids, there is not much difference, under any bombs they died, German or South American. Grief and anguish of not getting the least.
But based on the belief of law, morality and justice — a trait between the crime and the duty of a soldier in such situations It is fairly accurate. Because some members of the war vganarovvayutstsa and get different benefits from the country, and others — are under a military court.
Although, if you come from your, sire Zherdev, logic, and those and others — offenders, because killing people.
Naturally, it would be good to evil incarnate whether fascist, or in any other brutal dictatorial regime liquidated itself somehow, by ushchuvannyav and persuasion — no carpet bombing, without the blood and violence, without anything as innocent victims in the midst of the civilian population. Yes only really do not go out.
At the end — leaf lilac leave a comment. We each Konstantin Syrel with Ushachi responded to mitigate nedavneshnee authorities recreational fishing rules:
"In this sunny June evening hunt congratulate all anglers (as himself, expensive) with a long anticipated the launching small boats and a resolution of their catch pike, carp, etc. plotok. Here it is, the fruit of de-bureaucratization.
Do you realize how many documents I need to have with you to go fishing with an inflatable boat on their own old "Volkswagen"? Ignorant people would not believe: at least eight! Please enumerate:
First driving license. 2nd Certificate of registration of the vehicle. 3rd Certificate of municipal inspection. Fourth insurance certificate. 5th Talon warnings to the driver’s license. Second ticket Sudavy small boat. Seventh Plavatselski ticket alerts. Fishing eighth ticket.
Some still carry with them:
Ninth Honey help. Ten documents from the service station.
The last two documents take with them, just in case: a sudden which is extremely hard policeman will come to mind to express themselves "well" and achieve their (it happens, believe me).
I would be very pleased that the President issued a decree ordered officials raspladili this sea of papers, carry with them more:
Eleventh marriage certificate. Twelfth Binder newspaper "Russian Belarus", which writes with animation on de-bureaucratization.
The success of all anglers! Listen to Radio Liberty! "
Join, sire Syrel to your calls and requests.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.

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