How are parties to the entry of their friends in other factions?

He also said that the entrance to the "foreign" does not correspond to a fraction of the Party Rules.
"Because in the near time, we will decide on the members of our party included in the other faction," said A.Dobrovolsky.
A similar situation exists in fraction BPF, confirmed Valentine Svyatskaya. This party will also deal with this situation, and also very closely.
As for the Belarusian Party of Communists, then, party secretary Valeria Vhvaleva, at least some member of the party is free to enter into any faction, no question here.

"We do not litsezreem task of moving from one faction to another. When people come to us, we will be happy. If they get out of our group, we will understand."

"We do not litsezreem problem likely transition of people from one faction to another," uttered all the faction leaders. "If people come to us, we will be happy with it. If they get out of our group, we will understand why this is happening."

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