How much berazhlivasts Belarusian?

Alexander Lukashenko instructed the Council of Ministers before September 1, to establish the relationship of wages Governing municipal organizations regardless of the execution characteristics of saving resources and refocus on local fuels. Appropriate structures must submit proposals on the responsibility for the failure of government agencies control directives to conserve resources.
Directive as "imperative PR"
Valentin Lopan, Assistant Director General for Public Relations of the 1st of the big companies, the Minsk Automobile Plant, says that saving mode for MAZ — a common phenomenon. As for the likely sanctions against the administration?
"Strictly speaking, legally — under the Constitution and the laws, can not be held liable for any breach of the Directive Fri. Since there is no such normative document in our legislation the Directive.
I do see in these guidelines at PR Agencies, which mobilizes all. In other words, the introduction of authority was to say: let us in this direction at the moment all get to work together. And begin: who of horror, who from knowing who is on that, but all the "paddle" in the same direction. Out of the total. And it’s great, for sure. But honestly, that earlier price increase in the new year, we have fraction of the costs of all forms of energy in the cost has not grown. Due to the fact that the first situation excellent, the prices for our products increased in all markets. Because we are compensated for it all. "
Managing analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika says that in fact the global increase in energy prices has a positive effect on such enterprises as MAZ or BelAZ:
"In principle, Belarus won because eventually rising energy prices grow at the same cost coal. Increase demand for Quarry dump. Other words, it simply reflected the impact of oil prices. And we won it, have begun to expand the creation BelAZ around they say about the achievements of our unspeakable mining equipment. Individual effects naturally have. And if you want to swallow the pill related to the fact that automatic gas prices grow, here we begin to pretend that nothing terrible Timeout. No, came out and the price will rise. "
Berazhlivasts answer for businessmen?
Responsibility for the implementation of Directive Lukashenko laid on the Prime Minister and other municipal officials. Directive of the will to control law enforcement agencies. Checks will produce the State Control Committee. He is authorized to lure liability management companies guilty of causing harm to the state. Ministry of Internal Affairs, the KGB, General Prosecutor’s Office will be (and I quote) "strongly discourage bezgaspadarchastsi facts, breach of discipline, and the unjustified use of real money."
Head of the Minsk Union of businessmen and tenants Vladimir Karyagin convinced that although the Directive does not apply directly and business structures, but will have to answer including privates:
"Naturally, this is an indirect blow to the business. As if the country did not have enough money here and there, means shrinking different applets, amplified sample countries to raise taxes, penalties, peel enterprise because it is our usual method of patching holes of various economic . With us, of course, very concerned. "
Not saving and restructuring
Municipal government authorities entrusted to ensure that subordinate organizations constant checks on the economy and berazhlivastsi. Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus Leonid Kozik does not know how the news of a brand new coil berazhlivastsi apprehended in the regions, but sees, what can result ignoring the document:
"I do not know what the reaction will be to it. Although, frankly, already see a certain reaction and on the one hand, and on the other. But in case of default orders, of course, that the company eventually will get less money. Their may be worsen the social situation of workers, salary. I say "may" because the government, of course, will do everything to prevent such. But what do we lose, even in theory, these funds? "
Economist Mike Zaleski believes that the Belarusian economy directives help slightly. There is absolutely necessary other initiatives:
"Of course, hope that we will again give something for free, no longer necessary. But first you need to look at what they do Poles, Slovaks, having exactly the same from a technical standpoint factory. It is best, of course, it would be this branch restructure the role of those who can do it really.’s how it would be ok. This perhaps all that can be learned from such compositions. Indeed it is not even ashchadnastsi, and that should always be retrofitted always necessary for technical level to improve. "
Lukashenko instructed to make the structure for the control of economy 15.06.2007
See the implementation of Directive number 3 is including the KGB 15.06.2007

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