How to apply to the elimination of preferences inhabitants Vitebsk?


Man: "Before refusing EU preferences I’m quite negatively. Indeed it will make more difficult economic situation in Belarus. It will be for kaliynikav difficulties, and for those who work in light industry. The other category of people who suffer — it will be opposition activists.
About Vitebsk I can tell, that the prosecution has appealed the verdict Valery Shchukin, and it will have a new tribunal. We can probably say that the new sentence he may be more Hard: What was fine, and maybe "chemistry", and the bullpen. "
Lady: "I think that what’s happening, does not make the situation better people working in light industry! "
Young Man: "And I believe that we will not be worse, as we near the big market of the CIS! Our homeland — a big country, and Ukraine that, although orange and pull it in Europe, is still with us as a Slavic power.
As for the light industry, I know that many people were in Germany, and in France and in other countries, and take there socks with tags "Institute China model". This is the lowest consumer goods property! And our pardon, socks and stockings even better. And if they are not needed in the West, let the Chinese acquire or expensive with which the UK are imported. "
Lady: "Poor, poor tsetanki our town Vitebsk! With our" Kim, "a carpet factory. They already earned is not enough though, and voted as follows. And now will live as voted … God grant there were those who would take their products, except for Europe. But, it seems, the Chinese our stockings yes carpets somehow not very necessary! Well, sorry, but what to do? Was necessary previously head thinking … "
Man: "It’s just, I think people were punished. Certainly. Life will become worse: increase prices in the shops, increase prices of utility services. All the same government collects the money from the people. That previously would save with preferences, it is now still people take. "
Woman: "Maybe it will increase the prices of products, maybe Belarusian companies will have to find other markets. Maybe something will happen to the quality of products … I think it’s a negative thing."
Man: "As a citizen of the Republic of Belarus I feel about negatively. Indeed suffer first people that anything is not povinet, which was unfortunate, but now will be even more unfortunate. I would place those who make decisions about preferences received would any other measures. To live was bad for those who does not live perfectly Belarusian people. And so — people will live even worse. "

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