How to enter the university without examination?

Weekly "Belarusians and Market." "Pipe vpalavinili." Dyarzhkammaemasts Belarus and "Gazprom" in the lobby, behind closed doors on Friday evening eventually signed an agreement to sell 50% of shares of "Beltransgaz" 2.5 million bucks. "Gazprom" has insisted on getting Belarusian side did not enter the "golden share".
Regular weekly stuff — under the heading "Beltransgaz" — is only the beginning. "The government is developing a plan of privatization prettier petrochemical companies. This Novopolotsk" Naftan "and" Polymir "and" Nitrogen "and" Man-made fiber. "
"Our words." Last weekend took place in Lida International Festival of knightly battles "Blade Lida Castle-2007", in which participated 40 teams from Belarus, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev and Odessa. Beat Minsk club "Knight genus" Snow Leopard ".
Knows the editor of "Our word" Stanislav Sudnik:
"Nine men," broke "all. Sami such low growth in iron schuplovaty own. But as a monolith, crush them all — and healthy Muscovites, and Ukrainians. Every battle they ended up shouting" Glory majestically Duchy of Lithuania! "In a day or two was Lida prazdnichka. did not stop a day or two "Lofty Duchy of Lithuania." Who did not know that such a majestically Duchy of Lithuania, the researched. I rate this as a much needed exercise that elevates the national consciousness. "
"Komsomolskaya Pravda" in Belarus "gives advice for applicants" How to enter the university without examination. " The newspaper explains who has the right to for benefits. And although last year this list is significantly reduced, preferential categories missing from favorites contests and competitions, cadets to the disabled and orphans. Can not come out of the competition on a specialty "International Affairs", "Law", at the Faculty of Medical and Pharmaceutical specialty and those that are in Last year Competition was 5 and more than people in place.
Slutsky "Info-Courier": "Monuments — not twins." Opening in Minsk and Slutsk busts ZHoru Zhukova caused a lot of rumors that the capital is a copy option Marshal Slutsky. The creator of both works, the architect Anatoly Artimovich znyapravzhvae these rumors says that Slutsky and Minsk leader — Various plastic statues, changed the form of the hero character.

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