Human rights activists welcomed the non-election of Belarus in the Human Rights Council

Even a few days before the vote on the two seats from the Eastern European regional group claimed two countries — Slovenia and Belarus. And at the last moment his was nominated Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many observers tend to opinion, it came under pressure from Western countries concerned about the prospect of the election in Belarus.
According to voting results, Belarus was third. In the first round for Slovenia voted 188 out of 192 UN member states. In the 2nd round of Bosnia and Herzegovina received 112 votes, Belarus — 72 with 97 votes needed.
Salting UN Ambassador Zalmay Halilzhad told reporters expressed satisfaction of the fruits:
"We were particularly concerned about the possibility of election in Belarus, which is no coincidence that the last dictatorship in Europe."
Recently the number of voting international human rights organizations, including "Freedom House" and "Human Rights Watch", called on the UN General Assembly to reject the application of Belarus, as the country systematically violated human rights, and it avoids cooperation with the UN on the issue of human rights.
Hillel Noer, executive director of the group "UN Watch", which monitors the activities of the United Nations, states: his team drove the government that the country where human rights are violated, do not have to go to the Council:
"We told the government, authorities Belarus shall be removed to cooperate with the Rapporteur of the Human Rights Council on Belarus. That possible claim a place in the organization with which you refuse to cooperate in the most ordinary of demand? "
But the non-election of Belarus to the Council — this is only a partial victory defenders. They are concerned that the Council members began yesterday Egipet, Angola and Qatar — the country where also grossly violated human rights.

UN Council on human rights person was created in Last year substitution for the UN Human Rights Commission. That commission discredited entering more members of the countries most coarse sad recognizable human rights violations. These representatives often voedinyzhdy joined their forces, making unfeasible to investigate violations committed in their states. But, and the new Council has also started krytykvats, after, as in March This year She decided to finish watching the human rights situation in Iran and Uzbekistan.

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