I heartily sorry for our president

In the last review-mail June 23 letter sounded Boris Rut’kov from Minsk, who expressed the view that Belarus in the near term will avoid a crisis due to the fact Our homeland that buys 50 percent stake in the company "Beltransgaz".
500 million bucks for it has already been received, and later will be new listing. "So makarom, — listener wrote — thanks to Russian money all money will be covered hole. And if you do not happen and the mass protests of workers, students, teachers, doctors. "
I told the emperor Rut’kov that 500 million dollars — not the amount that can save the Belarusian economy. Yearly loss from a sharp increase in the price Russian oil and gas are measured by several billion dollars. And year after year, these losses will rise — once already announced price increases on Russian fuel.
By joining our conversation listener Vitaly brown. In his letter he writes electric:
"Pochetaemy Valentin, and you have no right, responding to a letter from the Emperor Rut’kov. Apart from these tools, you must also take into account loans of Austrian and Dutch banks, placing loans in Russia, privatization of companies. This is something that flows from harsh. And there are also the little things (eg the same benefits). should not forget it. "
So, sire brown, authorities seek out and find different sources of compensation of those losses that the economy is suffering as a result of appreciation of Russian energoelementov. Another thing is how these sources can warn against social tensions?
Will the new owners of large municipal companies keep 10’s of thousands of them unsuitable jobs just as the authorities feared mass unemployment? And will not change the political commitment of several million Belarusian elderly after, in December at their benefits taken away?
Our listener Mark Sannikov of Dobrusha responded to the emergence of the latest presidential directive — on This time about saving and berazhlivastsi. In his letter to the electric listener writes:
"Saves — it is good but not quite better learn to create, rather than clamping straps until the ridge under the watchful eye of the competent authorities?"
Next in own writing Sannikov Mark reports that he, together with the employees and associates invented gidraenergetychnuyu installation, which is comparable with the smallest cost is capable of producing up to 2 million kilowatt-hours of electricity.
"Installing the certificate are protected by patent, but in our prosperous country nobody needed it. With standard denials officials can make the whole volume. And then realize President Alexander Lukashenko, who calls develop energy of small rivers? Why take the Chinese and other technology, when there its, no worse and practically for free?
We invite you to visit for yourself or Vitali Bartosik Dmitry Semashko — guarantee their "Journey to Freedom" fascinating information about the life of small towns.
In our Dobrush have cardboard factory "Hero of Labour", built sometime Paskevich. Smart heads of those distant years, engineers have found the opportunity to use for the production of energy Ipout River. Energavstanovka worked right up to the second World War I. And what now? Power plant on the river there, and at the factory for electricity — large debts. And how many plants and factories across Belarus!
Coming all the circles of hell Belarusian bureaucracy, our group decided to no longer offer its invention native state. Maybe they interested abroad. "

Sovereign Sannikov and his colleagues have received seven formal response on behalf of the National Academy of Belarus — and all negative. Motivation failure: "The lack of money to build energavstanovak incomprehensible sense based on the closed disk imaging, which comes from private individuals who do not have degrees and jobs."
In other words, even if the invention is a self-taught — is excellent, but he has no diploma PhD and publications in scientific magazines — count on the support and accolades Belarusian academics it is not necessary.
Our listener Alexander Korzhik from Gomel to own an electric letter talks about the role and place of Alexander Lukashenko in modern Belarusian history:
"I davneshny listener" Freedom ", since the Russian time. Very well, that radio is open to different views and conclusions than radically different from the official radio and television modern Belarus.
I quite agree with the views of the Belarusian pensioner "billionaire" Seeds Markovic, which not so long ago was made in your air. Indeed, from time to time so hunt impartial information "pickle" after adtsinliva sweet official "news."
In your gear sound different perspectives on personality Chapter country. But I this man heartily sorry. Life such as he does not wish even to the enemy.
A baker’s dozen years of holding on to power that even some credibility for another presidential term. Have an army of personal protection and support from their own people, who are always together Tipo "yes" votes. Have a luxurious "Boeing" — and all this is not much to fly. Ussyadats gold exchange on the throne of the State Bank and beg for loans.
To live with the idea that once should be shot until the last bullet for power, "this people" with a reworked under the Constitution itself. Builds dreams with the disappeared without any trace of opposition politicians. Having in their own environment of such "allies" and "friends" and enemies that are not needed. And with all this sometimes send them to the "well-deserved rest" in places of detention. Surely, you must have the talent to acquire for themselves enemies. "

In his letter to the "Freedom" Alexander Korzhik also tries to look into the future of Belarus:
"I would not want to be in position when pressured from the West and from the East (deprivation of EU trade preferences and appreciation of Russian energoelementov). Certainly, we have to feel like between a rock and a hard place.
And whom to appoint a successor, that were guarantees of personal safety? These Tipo his "apostles" can immediately drop the rack. Who else but the historian is to know? It turns out that power seems sweeter as it is — the only salvation from the fast tomorrow, where there is no longer any Slobodan (Milosevic), nor Saddam (Hussein). At least some of these criteria is not sweeter than honey authority for quinoa is.
I can not imagine, like I’m such criteria could live a relaxed and carefree sleep. Neuzh is the highest achievement of political goals at any cost worthy to eventually condemn themselves to abiding fear for their own future and to have a day in the last cartridge holder for personal use? "

Your questions, sire Korzhik partly rhetorical. Almost everything here depends on the personal choice of the person, the moral personality traits, her personal views about good and evil, about the real value and flimsy.
The fact that you seem painful and unacceptable to another does not look worthy of attention and concern. This is especially true of people who all their lives artistically involved in politics. The thirst for power at certain persons so strong that it is able to manage all other hands their aspirations and desires. And in the process of moral discomfort merits desired goal is not playing for such people how any meaningful role.
At the end of kutsee letter that leave lilac comment. We wrote Vasily Fedyuk Mogilev:
"If you’re looking to the West or the East, or the president or the opposition — you are wrong. Salvation drowning — case of the drowning. Man himself must fight for their salvation from birth to death. If hard one to beat, with other Edge. Easier to reach the World Victory! many examples.
Saraishyk consumer expectations, take
matters into their own hands. There are various associations, parties, societies with their goals and applets. Idea is to find the ones that fit your ideas and interests. Or create new ones. We will win! "

Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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