In adjacent countries with Belarus encourage higher fertility rate?

Of all the adjoining states for the birth of more babies currently receive Ukrainian. Viktor Yushchenko after the Orange Revolution increment payments to 10 times, and at the moment this assistance is 1574 bucks. 627 bucks from their pay immediately after birth the baby, and the remaining amount — within a year. However, in Ukraine is comparable to other countries adjoining small monthly payment on the kid — about 20 bucks.
Demographers have already summed up preliminary results of this growth. In the town of fertility while not significantly increased, but in rural areas have seen significant growth.
The attached Latvia ancestors receive a lump sum payment from the country for the birth of the baby and then 672 bucks a year — 79 percent of their salaries. If the lady is not working, it will be every month on the country the first year 85, and the second year -51 buck.
In Lithuania, for the birth of the baby pay 348 bucks, and, as in Latvia, the first year — 70 per cent of previous earnings.
Our homeland
This year much luck Russian parents who are going to have a second baby. From 1 January 2007 the government pays 250 thousand Russian rubles (it’s almost 20 million rubles) to those who will give birth to the second, third, fourth and beyond, also twins.
But in Poland, after the child’s birth mother or father absolutely retains earnings for up to six and a half months. A single payment for the birth of a baby in Poland is 322 bucks.
"Far" abroad
In This year increased significantly so called parental payments in Germany. Those of them who stay at home to care for a child, the government will pay for a year 67 percent of last month’s income. The largest amount can reach 1800 euros. And if after a year will take over the baton to another, usually the father, the government will continue to pay for another two months.
This decision came into force on 1 January 2007. Noteworthy that German pregnant ladies who came to give birth to the term in late 2006, have tried different methods to delay childbirth, to have time to give birth under the new payout.
This was the situation several years ago in Australia. There increment from 500 to 2100 dollars payment for the birth of the baby, and even appealed to Australian doctors to postpone the birth before the desired date.

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