In Belarus, commented visit of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Past President Academy Belarus, past chairman of the Council of the Republic Alexander Wojtowicz first draws attention the reputation of Belarus and Iran in the world:
"I I do not like when are friends or do some combination against anyone. Not for something positive, not in order to achieve any positive goals, but against.
As citizen of Belarus I regret that we unite with this part of international society. I would wish we were united with the predominant part of the large part of society. "
I also asked the monarch Voytovych can use in the construction of nuclear power plants Belarusians Iranian technology?
"It’s unreal. They do not possess such technology. They put their own to take over uranium enrichment technologies. Specifically uranium itself gives you the opportunity to nuclear weapon.
For fuel in nuclear power plants do not need a huge enrichment. Only a few states possess technologies — Our homeland, France, the United States, perhaps in some degree Germany. Naturally, we do not possess. No such comparable malehankih countries as Belarus, these technologies are not allowed. "
Vice-chairman commission on international affairs Sergei Kastsyan House believes that the visit of the President of Iran to Belarus is of paramount importance:
"Very fundamentally noted that the visit highlighted the future of our relations and our cooperation — first, within the Non-Aligned Movement. Also in economic and other areas. "
Retired KGB colonel Valery Kostka calls acts favorites Belarus and Iran "illogical association":
"There is a general principle of association of the enemy, which they see as the West and the United States. ‘Cause and make friends in order to survive in these criteria. At a certain period of such a union can be. There is some potential here, there is some potential in Iran. Interests coincide favorites . antylyagichnae But this union. "

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