In Belarus, decreases the number of babies

All kids up to 3 years deprived of benefits to free pharmaceuticals. In addition, minors are not have entitled to a 50% discount when praezde in urban and suburban transport.
But the Belarusian Association of Large Families, which runs a representative of the Council of the Republic of Tatyana Kravchenko, not behold the nothing reprehensible in this. Deputy chairman of the association says Olga Karankova:
"If our large families borrow and build apartments — is far with any drive. I’m happy for our family. But small issues — will not at the moment about it read."
Adjusted by kids — inhumane
How to relate to the abolition of privileges for the children of their ancestors? Interested in some of them on the streets of Minsk:
Man: "collecting payments from students and kids do not bring additional income. A price adjusted children — is inhumane. "
Lady: "positive it has no effect. After all, people will just fear for their own kids. "
Correspondent "Cancel benefits — how do you feel about that?"
Lady: "I am naturally very not happy. It is very expensive drugs. My child is 18 months, and he did not quite unwell. But we spend a pharmacy means crazy. All which can be, that could do all canceled. But the kids — is sacred. "
Man: "The negative attitude. For kids — most unsafe category. And so people are thinking or have children. And the fact that they provide the means for birth — it change anything? Completely different conditions is necessary that the kids went."
The Belarusian Association of disabled children collect signatures against repeal of benefits
According to the bill on the abolition of privileges, unhealthy kidneys kids now denied compensation for travel expenses. All children with disabilities are deprived of 50% discount on travel around the country, such as about 33 thousand. Because the Belarusian Association of disabled children collect signatures against repeal of benefits, says the deputy chairman of the association, who did not want to call the name:
"This applies to the payment of pharmaceuticals too, because there is some cancellation of certain groups. Fare payment for disabled adults, payment for the apartment. Collect signatures — will appeal."
Three years in reverse Belarus was 5% of children more
Now Belarus is home to about 2-million kids that 20% of the total population. And three years was reversed their 25%, says an employee of the Institute of Education Ales Korneichik.
"It is very fundamental point. Especially when they say that decreases the number of social orphans, criminals. Just the smallest children — every year. "
The government has no moral right to claim their own social orientation
Eliminating privileges for one of the least protected populations, the children, the government has no moral right to claim their own social orientation, says human rights activist Lyudmila Hraznova:
"The government is busy way of tribute to the person of the child. Government tries to save only themselves. Because no general social state and social policy. This hindsight, neperspektyvnyya, long-term policy, it also will bring very bad results, and we feel them."
Currently, the organization is preparing a report on the rights of the baby in Belarus for the respective UN commission. According to forecasts professionals UN Belarus comes in five states threatened gradual extinction.
In 1990, on the terrain of the country lived 10 million 190 thousand people. Natural increase was 32 thousand. According to the ministry, as of January 1 2007 Belarus 9000000 714 thousand inhabitants. Negative disparity was 42 thousand people.
Rollback 10 millionth milestone was in 2000. According to this trend, in 2050 the population of Belarus will be reduced by 30% and the least amount of 7 million people.
Mogilev youth activists visited the orphanage
Brest picket in defense of kids sent to the former cemetery
• June 1 will be held in Mogilev picket against repeal of benefits

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