In Belarus the next boom construction arenas

Although the lion’s share of construction materials consumed municipal building number 1 — functional complex "Minsk-Arena" in the metropolitan district "Vesnysnka" — to secure some regional and strategic object erected in any queues.
Pruzhanskiy "midget"
Just These days are promise to hand until the smallest of the existing arenas. It will be located in Pruzany in Brest and is designed just for 800 seats. As assured in the Office of the Executive Committee Pruzhansky serious construction, the building is ready, the team is now expected to respectively "top":
"While nothing really for you to say. Opening exactly planned before the end of June, but not with such matters to us. But we got everything ready."
It will be recalled that in the last days of 2006, Alexander Lukashenko personally opened an ice arena in Zhlobin. In general, as well as most of the sites in Minsk and regional centers.

Ilf and Petrov: "The word" Bobruisk "meeting groaned"

Brisk business at the facility in Bobruisk. Its size Bobruisk Arena almost 10 times will exceed Pruzhanskaya. After the first delivery scheduled in 2008 will be released in the local complex foremost on vmyashchalnastsi — 7 thousand spectators. However, not forever. One year later, it should zatsmits strategic building that personal control Lukashenko. This 15000th "Minsk-Arena" that the same accelerated pace erected in the capital.
As they say the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation, specifically at these two sites in the choice of the main hopes of the owner of World Championship in ice hockey in 2013. Maybe eventually realized the prophetic words of Ilf and Petrov, who own the "Golden Bull" wrote that long Bobruisk "including the beautiful, highly cultured place." And with the ice palace — even more so.

Orsha dilute bullpen hockey

While Summit dream of distant prospect, weakly attached to the sport bolshennomu orshantsy hasten action over the near future. In the town where time nedavneshnego to the list of distinctive objects featured three bullpen starts big "marafet" to "Dozhinki 2008". Under this brand the local authorities for the improvement of Orsha and managed to knock the ice palace. But as long as the chosen area, as it was possible to make sure our eyes, resembles a trap: here you can literally sink into the ground. Local engineer Boris Sergeyev knows that time at this place has actually stood Youth Center:
"… Youth Center with different veselitelnymi section. Walls is almost up to the third floor were a tremendous building. But in times like Alliance collapsed, it also began to fall apart, and it was demolished to the ground. Basement slabs so far underground. Naturally , pity, because almost everything was already ready. emptiness And here, two here and there — many years standing, and later began to steal, stretch, and it decided to remove the cataract from the eye away. Certainly, no one placed his hopes that funding will, since there were no funds for such totally awesome facilities. And now here there were a means to an ice rink, will build. Square And, of course, allow you to swing here. "
Who needs it?
Multimillion-dollar investments in sports facilities raise many questions from representatives of other social groups. Thus, the critic Sergei Hareuski states that investment in culture against the backdrop of sports — small:
"The essence is prepyadstviya cultural values of our country, today failed. Values obviously distorted and very personal that fall taste 1 person. This endless ice palaces and Underline emphasis on winter sports on television. Will not continue much about pop culture, etc. "
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