In Berlin, discussions are prospects for Belarus

In the Belarusian delegation included not only in Minsk, but also regional policy — from Borisov, Gomel, Grodno.
Lev Margolin from Borisov says:
"I think this may be a consequence of specific configurations in the strategy united democratic forces. And maybe (I do not know yet perfectly, whose initiative it), is an initiative of the Germans? Maybe they wish to also listen to the presentation and regional activists? "
Sovereign Margolin notes enthusiasm for the conference:
"There were about 100 fifty people. Yes, of course, and representatives of the Belarusian diaspora. But mostly it was the Germans, many members of the Bundestag.
All of our favorites, starting with Victor Kornienko (here he is Milinkevich) were: and Lebedko and Kalyakin and Vyachorka.
I have a good recollection, though now, in fact, only the first full day here we are. So thorough is too early to draw any conclusions. "
Co-chairman of the political council of the combined Democratic Forces Anatoly Lebedko says that the initiative belongs to this trip CDU Secretary General Ronald Pofalla:
"Yesterday we had almost a three-hour meeting with Poffaloy and his staff. He sent us greetings from the chancellor, which spoke before our meeting. Even now, before the conference, he had a conversation with Angela Merkel, who is again interested in preparing for the conference and Situation in Belarus. Therefore we can say, that there is interest in Belarus and Germany in the first person, and people from its environment. And it is very principle ".
Anatoly Lebedko said at the conference met with the former head of the Advisory and Monitoring Group in Belarus Hans-Georg Wieck:
"The Emperor Vic behaves intense: he asks questions and participate in discussions. "
The Belarusian delegation will stay in Berlin a day or three. For it is scheduled to meet in the Federal Chancellery, the Foreign Ministry, the Bundestag.
• Milinkevich zabugornyh travel changed regional representatives, 25.07.2007

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