In Gdansk opened monument to Yanka Kupala

Opening of the memorial sign in a quiet, colorful district of Gdansk, on the street, which is also named after Yanka Kupala, came in a very festive atmosphere.
Yanka Kupala monument in Gdansk
Yanka Kupala Street in Gdansk
Mayor of Gdańsk Paweł Adamowicz, confessing that his family comes from Belarus, said that he is proud that his town appeared such a monument.
Adamovich: "Each of you is flowing significant part of the Belarusian blood because with really Gdansk many people, which pahodtsyats from Belarus. We are proud of and thanks Kupala, again Aware of. "
Lena Glagovsky
Memorial symbol was installed thanks to the efforts first Belarusian society Gdansk, headed by Mrs. Lena Glagovskay.
Glagovsky: "Difficulties of the maturity of the opening. Reads to me from the Belarusian embassy:" Maybe let’s fall. "I said," What in the fall? That such fall is going on? "Joked even — not the anniversary of the October Revolution is open! But it must be said that the representation of Belarus performed a sign that you want to"
— Here Mrs. Glagovsky zvyartnula attention to writing the word "dream" in the traditional spelling.
The participants recited poems Yanka Kupala, singing songs based on poems by the poet.
Participants sang the opening verses Kupala
The opening of the plaque did not take the role of salting Belarus to Poland. Present at the ceremony of Belarusian diplomats explained to this urgent matters in Warsaw, although yesterday was Paul Latushko in Gdansk.
One of the representatives of the local Belarusian society said to us that it could be connected with the "danger" of the ceremony a huge amount white-red-white flags, in general as it was.
Student: "I Byelorussian live here, study and consider it my duty to be at such an event," — says a student who, along with his friends came to the ceremony with a white-red-white flag.
Belarusian youth at the opening of the monument
Recently the local press wrote that the management representation claimed by the organizers, that choir that sang at the ceremony, did not perform the song on a poem Kupala "Arise, people" because "it does not meet today’s time."
Consul General of Belarus in Gdansk Ruslan Esin
Consul General of Belarus in Gdansk Ruslan Esin, but told us that there was no dispute with the organizers of Belarusian diplomats was not.
Choir still sang the song to the poem "Rise up, people."
Choir sings "Arise, people"
In particular, at the opening of the monument rejoiced local Belarusians Seniors.
Belarusian from Gdansk: "I am very pleased, excellent that there monument there. What else to say yet! "
Daughter of the vice-mayor of Gdansk with the Belarusian flag

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