In German encyclopedia made friendship with Bykov

About Bykov writer zahodneberlinski writer and pacifist Hrystaf Hoybner first time vyznat 33 years, recently own first trip to the then Soviet Union.
Hoybner: "At first, I read his book" obelisks. "I bought it for review. Our group, which consisted of young pacifists zahodneberlinskih uttered that in Minsk, in the House of Writers for us will be met with the writer Vasil Bykov. About him then nobody of us knew. Now I’m in this hard to believe, as in the fact that such a meeting could take place at the Russian authorities, and not in the days of the young-independent Belarus. Then, in 1983, we were impressed with the helpfulness of moderate Belarusian writer. After meeting, we invited him to us in West Berlin. themselves, when they came home, started reading all the books Bykov, translated into German language. We lucky — in the GDR were issued many of his books. Bykov wrote curious. As simple. But simply write — very difficult. "
Since the mid-1980s Vasil Bykov often visited the house of Christophe Hoybnera that in the central part of West Berlin.

"For us, it was an honor that Germany was his mother …"

Hoybner: "I was lucky enough to watch Bykov fun. But, in most cases it was sour. Motherland, home — that’s what has always been with him together.
In 2001 he came to Germany from Helsinki. Within a few years the municipal media hounded ethe man, writer and war veteran. All it took the Bulls with bitterness, but close to reality. In Germany, the Bulls always said: I can not link here, I work here temporarily. He did not want to leave their homeland forever. He was with us, and heart was at home. But for us it was an honor that Germany was his home. I am pleased to think so. With this our joint history, when you know I didBelarus and the Germans, with all this war, death, destruction, we it is very touched. "
Hrystaf Hoybner states now in the world lack such people as the Bulls.
Hoybner: "He was never egatsentrykam never seated on for himself, but was a real friend. Struck by his modesty, simplicity, the gift of listening to people, its majestic love for people. And also his youth. He just managed to be on equal footing with the young people. "

Since the mid-1980s Hrystaf Hoybner organized in Germany, readers’ conferences role Vasily Bykov, countless interviews writer for the German media, the publication of his works. In 2001, together with the committee "Auschwitz" and the German Heinrich Boell Foundation initiated the visit Vasily Bykov in Germany, organized a special fundraising for Belarusian writer.

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