In Minsk, began the presentation Night ABC

The event led one of the modders "Night of Freedom" and preparers "Night ABC" Alexei Znatkevich:
"Apart from the audio that sounded throughout the year on the waves," Radio Liberty ", there is a biography and photos of all fifty creators. Pinned their hopes will be the second drive, another 50 people. Give the floor to the Director of the Minsk bureau our radio Valentin Zhdanko. "

Compilers "Night ABC" Alexei Znatkevich Yegor Maerchyk open triumph

"A lot of our gear is already in the form of books., We hope that you will continue to guests on the radio" Freedom "and other heroes and participants disks and books," — said Valentin Zhdanko.

Valentin Zhdanko exult of modern technologies that continue to work life radyynikav

Before the celebration, I asked Gomel writer Sergei Balahonova as it relates to the idea of recording audiobooks:
"In our time, it is the best method to convey what the creators have to pretty general public. Peratravlyats People do not have time information that falls on us from the tele, the web, etc. And it can be hard attention given the literature. Audio formats allows consume between literature works: drive can listen to MP3 and USB stick in the subway, etc. . "

Sergei Balakhonov reads dialogue with subtext between young teacher and graduate

Middle of the presentation, the other on his works read Victor Shalkevich Misha Anempadistov, Lavon Volsky, Adam Globus, Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk Anastasia Kudasova Sergei Balakhonov Oksana Danilchik Dmitry cherries.

Lavon Volsky reads in the book with their own fairy tale allusions to modern action

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