In Minsk, clearing the site for the capital construction business

"Moscow House" is meant to raise up the middle in 2008 not far from the hotel "Minsk", in place of the low post-war buildings. End of May 1st of their urgent evicted Center of extracurricular activities at the Minsk Central District Board.
Lukashenka: "Moscow House" — this jewel of the Belarusian capital "
In a festive opening ceremony of the memorial sign at the construction site "Moscow House" participated Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and the capital’s mayor Yuri Luzhkov. The Belarusian leader gave a positive assessment of the capital project. Speaking about the future of "Moscow House", he expressed the hope that the building will become a real "bridge of friendship between Russia and Belarus."
Lukashenka: "It is very crucial for business, this jewel of the capital. Short, thanks to you for the suggestions that you offered us a short period."
Minsk city authorities for a little time to prepare for the metropolitan area builders. In late May, the Center of extracurricular activities at the Central District Board (it’s something like the former houses of Pioneers) gave the order to urgently release the building, in which working children’s dance and music studios, theater and music groups, folk groups, theaters and fashion. Even in the past year, this two-story building postwar been repaired.
"Raspihali employees at different schools, housing and maintenance departments. Mestsimsya in small rooms. Steels all classes. Director threatened us: start to write all pazvalnyayu", they say teachers.
As it turns out from the conversation until one of moving to a separate building was not informed. Warning release room and staff were also adjacent to the children’s center places.
"It DOSAAF. Uttered But there until the new building will not, will not leave. With us not stand on ceremony. We are only children’s center", officials say extracurricular institutions.

Luzhkov: "We are in Moscow decided to be different and a huge construction in Belarus."

Meanwhile, while in These days are Minsk, Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov stressed that the Russian capital is ready to invest in Belarusian construction.
Luzhkov: "We are in Moscow decided to be different and a huge construction in Belarus."
Belarusian building business capital will change the home?
Belarusian some observers believe that the construction will be referred to as "a family affair" the capital’s mayor. Holding "Inteco" belonging to Luzhkov’s wife Lena Baturina (Both pictured), holds the key to one-fifth of the construction market of Moscow. In March, the magazine "Forbes" put Baturin 29 on the list of the richest businessmen of Russia and praised its capital by 2.4 billion dollars.
According to the chairman of the Belarusian Association of promoting economic development economist Basil Shlyndikova, the arrival of Russian business in Belarus absolutely change position in the Belarusian construction market.
Shlyndikov: "I think that the capital construction business — such as Russian and other. This business zapanibratsky, sassy, without rules and morals. The problem appeared so. Who can build those with large incomes in order to build and later implement it. Belarusians who were engaged in this business, quietly outraged. "

V.Shlyndikav: "Capital construction business — such as Russian and other. This business zapanibratsky, sassy, without rules and morality."

As the economist Belarusian businessmen uniformly vytsyasnyayutstsa the market.
Belarus also disappears shared construction. Explosion in housing prices, according to the views of professional, there was not the case. Now, to build one square meter apartment (it costs under 2000 dollars) average Belarusian worker must save for 6-7 months.
Example of construction "in the Moscow"
Belarusian Alla from the early 1980s, living in the center of Moscow, in a luxury house, which was built for the then Russian party nameklyatury. From a year earlier, one of the companies A.Baturynay won the tender for the construction of high-rise buildings close to this house. Inhabitants did not agree with this decision and asked for the examination. From this it followed that the construction of a new building break old installation. Yet, the company still mayor wife received permission to build. Allah says:
"When they started digging underground garages in our house on the walls of apartments appeared gap. But nobody suspended. We were herded into a huge pile foundation to support one of the walls of our house. This wall just on my side. Whenever I had gone to bed, I thought, that he, the bed will not "left." On the 3rd floor door left quite conjunction with jambs. It was then called "emergency gang" and temporarily stopped the construction. "

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