In Minsk commemorated Maxim Bogdanovich

"Now the sounds of bagpipes Belarusian, such expensive and our cute Maxim we remember our famous countryman. Maxim Bogdanovich — the man, who was able to awaken, to give a new breath Belarusian literature. Maxim Bogdanovich lives in each of us first own love for Belarus ", — said the youth activist Franak Vyachorka.
One of the activists of the unregistered organization Young Front Haretski drew parallels between modernity and the beginning of the last century, when he lived Maxim Bogdanovich:
"It is almost always lived in Russia and taught whiteRussian language. Because many of us from textbooks. But urged works and encourages all national intelligentsia. Because at the moment prompts us with you his "race", "Sonnet" or "Star of Venus."
Historian and veteran social-democratic movement of Belarus Anatoly Sidorevich said:
"First time in 1911, arrives in Vilnius, examines charges Ivan Lutskevich and writes its own known series" Ancient Belarus. "Classics this the unforgettable. It already became a member of the first arrival of the Socialist swinger. And then writes its own famous verse" Pursuit " .
Anatoly Sidorevich allocated involvement Maxim Bogdanovich social democratic movement.
Poet Sergei Sys brought earth from the grave of Maxim Bogdanovich in Yalta.

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