In Minsk day of Solidarity common prayer

A day of solidarity in Minsk people will come and 8th pm to St. Joseph’s Church. People come there to pray once a day, so that the building (last Bernardine) returned to believers.
Almost a year has passed after, Belarusian authorities have eliminated several Protestant communities, and later began to deport priests. Since then, every 16th day of going around the church believers lit candles and pray for the equal rights of believers of all faiths. From April 16th each about church going and democratic activists in a symbol of solidarity with the faithful, families of the missing, and all the political prisoners who suffered from the authorities for his opposition activities.
The basic amount of the protesters are young people. Activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Dmitri Fedoruk accept a role in the present action.
"On my eyes, in fact, it would be very nice if and young gathered now, and more than a fixed generation of Belarusians. But, to the chagrin of bolshennomu, soon observed not very good prospects, as always under the batons, fists at riot police, to all stocks comes only young. "
Chairman of the Committee for Protection of politically repressed and their families Inna Cooley believes that everyone should make their own choices and their own way to participate in solidarity actions.
"I think this is a private matter. This can be a candle lit in the window, as in the old days, just a year ago and more, it can be this time just the mention of those people, who disappeared in our country, those that fall under repression. This may be coming to a common prayer. This is dependent on how the person feels himself as he asks this internal solidarity with their colleagues, and from where he is at the moment. Even if he is outside the country, he can light a candle because it is also there is solidarity. "
Actions of solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners occur each month on the 16th of at 8pm in Belarus and abroad. Now in Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Belgium and the United States, Belarusian students together with their employees and put ignite candles and portraits of missing political prisoners in front of the Belarusian Embassy buildings.

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