In Minsk prison again judged grouping Morozova

The press service Supreme Court they say that the second process is needed, because in there are new episodes. Besides recently detained Dmitry Sidorenko and Oleg Zhumava who were wanted.
Recall the first trial over morozovtsami who finished first year, 46 people convicted. Of their 3 — Sergei Morozov, Valeria and Igor Danchenko Hunchback — Tribunal decided to execute.
Second trial morozovtsami also closed. It is clear that not all of those convicted in the first trial pleaded guilty. Relatives said some in the press that vary in conclusions of the court.

Belarus remains the only state in Europe, which have not abolished the death penalty. According to official sources, in 2006 wasabout nine death sentences handed down a year ago — two. With 1997 Belarus executed more than 150 people.

Supreme Tribunal Belarus has sentenced members "Morozov" criminal gang "• Gangs terrorized the Gomel region for over 10 years

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