In other cases, the president prefers genre monologue

"Created in Minsk Research Institute of Party History of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks), which is affiliated with the Institute of Marx — Engels — Lenin — Stalin — reported in 1947," Russian Belarus. "- On Pachaliperaklady Byelorussian classic works of Marxism-Leninism, the development works and documents on the history of the CP (b) B. Sector translation institute established publication on whiteRussian language short biography of Stalin, prepared for printing on whiteRussian language The first three volumes of the collected works of Lenin and Stalin three volumes of essays. "
Under the heading "peaches moving to the North" "Banner of Youth" in 1957 reports of Pruzany: "At the moment — it’s cool fruit trees with wide lovely crown. To avoid damage to the bark and tender shoots of seedlings from frost and allow them to get used to uniformly Belarusian our winters, the winter Junata carefully wrapped trees straw mat, and the top covered with straw cap … At the moment, their branches buds appear fruits — peaches! dilutions Pruzhany peaches will continuesmiling. "
"Freedom", the year 1997. Starikevich Alexander writes: "Lukashenko can naturally be considered a professional politician, but only by the standards of the Stone Age, when the entire policy familiarize blunt blow to the head of the enemy. Similarly, the modern political acts neandertalets, appeared at the head of Belarus. Putting it up This time no one is received. Style Lukashenko as a master orator there because it starts with the discussion only advance weaker opponents. In other cases, the president prefers genre monologue, which, of course, learned well. "

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